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May 2, 2007 / milesandhisfavorites

Miles’s Science Encyclopedia

Part One


There are a wide variety of animals and plants around the world.  Some of them are endangered and some are thriving. Some have scales and some have skin.  In fact, you might not have noticed it, but you’re an animal, too!

Let’s start with reptiles. Reptiles include snakes, lizards and crocodiles.  In fact, you thought dinosaurs were reptiles, but they aren’t!  They were actually related to birds! 

Next let’s go with birds.  Chickens,  turkeys and ostriches can’t fly, but birds have many special adaptations to their environments.  For example, Archeopteryx, one of our first birds, was specially adapted for a forest environment.  And Emperor Penguins are designed especially for very cold environments in Antarctica.  This is a picture of an ostrich, the fastest land bird in the world.

Now, you’re forgetting yourself, because you are a mammal!  All mammals drink milk from their mothers when they are newborns, just like you!  And, just like birds and reptiles, they are adapted for their environments, too.  For example, horses have hooves to adapt to their environment.  And how could a tiger catch prey if it didn’t have claws? Whales are mammals, too, though you may have thought they were fish.  This is a Beluga Whale.

Finally, we’ll do fish.  Glub glub glub.  All fish live in oceans, lakes and rivers.  But one kind of fish is a little unusual.  The Mudskipper is sometimes a fish out of water.  Judging by its name you’d think it sometimes lives in mud.  Well, you’re right!  Sharks are a real T-rex of the deep.  And some have seven rows of razor sharp teeth, plus extras underneath.  This shark was photographed at the Baltimore Aquarium.

 Thank you for checking out this science encyclopedia on biology.


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