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May 19, 2007 / milesandhisfavorites

Miles’s Science Encyclopedia Part Five


I don’t mean to call you a rock head, but today we’re talking about rocks.  Now if you ask me, you think rocks are pretty dull.  But rocks are pretty amazing.  When you see the pictures, you’ll think totally differently about rocks.  I mean, they can blow up or be huge.  But one thing about rocks, they’re not like your regular rock and roll!

Let’s start with huge rocks.  Now, if you’ve ever been to Arizona, you might have heard of a really big landmark — Grand Canyon!  This place is huge.  It was formed by a river.  Now here’s a picture of it:


This place is made of “sedimentary” rock.  Sedimentary rock is one of the three kinds of rocks.  This kind of rock was formed from sand, mud or clay that rivers washed down from the land into the sea.  It was packed down on the ocean floor in layers.  Then it started to form mountains.

Next you guys are going to learn about “igneous” rocks.  Igneous rocks mostly come from volcanos.  And speaking of volcanos, here’s a picture of Kiluaea, located on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Here’s a bit of volcano Hawaiian: The big chunky pieces of lava are called aa and oozy lava is called pahoehoe

Here’s a dash up on the last kind of rock, which is called “metamorphic.” Metamorphic rocks are rocks that used to be other kinds of rocks.  Now, if you’re looking for some more information on metamorphic rocks, here’s a chart that explains different kinds.

Now I don’t think this goes along with this, but I’m going to put it in anyway.  If you’ve watched “Avatar,” you might have noticed Earth Bending.  It’s a kind of skill that really takes a lot of time to master.  Now, if you think they can create huge rock slides and lift huge rocks without using their hands, you’re right!  In fact, here’s a picture of Earth Bending right now:

Now I bet you see how cool rocks are.  Tune in next time for the last science encyclopedia – Inventors!  After that, we’re going to do a little bit about me. 


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  1. aunt beth and grama / May 19 2007 3:04 am

    hey, we want more about Miles, not just his favorite.
    Whoosh from Minnesota!!!

  2. Mondo / May 19 2007 4:04 pm

    Miles, I love the whoosh!

  3. Mondo / May 19 2007 4:07 pm

    Oh, and another thing, I’ve seen the lava fields in Hawai’i! They are both spooky and dramatically beautiful. Spooky because of the destructive power of Pele (the volcano Goddess, she lives in Kileuea). Beautiful since you can see new life coming up in the cracks in lava.

  4. Mondo / May 19 2007 4:09 pm

    Hey Miles, speaking of Hawai’i here is something else to check out. Waimea Canyon on Kuai. It is the largest canyon in the Pacific. Some people say it is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

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