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July 4, 2007 / milesandhisfavorites

My Outer Banks Vacation Part Four

Hello everyone!  Yesterday was an awesome day.  Yesterday, we turned into NASA pilots and walked on a national historic site.  In one of the comments on my last blog entry, a question was asked about going to Kill Devil Hills.  Now, I did go there.  Answer this riddle and you will find out where I went.

Without this pair, you wouldn’t be flying on a Boeing 747.

Did you guess what it is now?  Or better yet, who?  That’s right!  The Wright Brothers’ Memorial at Kitty Hawk!  Here’s some information about the Wright Brothers.  First, you might want to know that the Wright Brothers didn’t always live in Kitty Hawk.  They actually lived in Dayton, Ohio, as bike mechanics.  They were also geniuses (and inventors) and wanted to actually fly.  Now, at that time, most people wanted to fly, too.  They had built planes and things but they had all failed.  But the Wright Brothers went into planning, unlike other people.  A weather agency told them that Kitty Hawk was perfect for flying their plane, which was built in this shed (well, technically it’s actually a reproduction, the real one must have rotted away years ago.):

The Wright Brothers wanted to be alone so nobody could copy them (man, would that be bad).  They also wanted a soft place to land and also some wind because at first they built gliders and then they built engines with propellors.  Kitty Hawk had all of that so that’s why they chose it.  After we got some information from the Museum, we headed up to the memorial.  (Man, was that tiring!) Here’s a picture of the view of the tower on the walk there:

Wow, isn’t that a view?  Well, anyway, once we finally reached the tower, we stayed there a few minutes before snapping a lot of pictures.  Here is a picture of me and Eli in front of the tower:

Wow, isn’t the memorial big from that angle? Amazingly, the tower (with an estimate) is about 15 stories high.  If you want to see the tower compared to me, you’ll see that I’m a little midget compared to it.  See for sure, here’s a picture of a size comparison:

Wow, isn’t the memorial huge compared to me?  Anyway, here’s some airplane questions:

  1. Who disappeared over the ocean and was never found?
  2. What’s barnstorming?
  3. What does the “prop” in prop plane stand for?

Answer Key:

  1. Amelia Earhart
  2. Barnstorming is when you fly a stunt plane.
  3. It stands for propellor.

Anyway, when I told you at the beginning that we became NASA pilots, I didn’t mean that we went to college and got the degrees and everything. Here is a picture of what I actually mean:

See you tomorrow!



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  1. crt / Jul 4 2007 2:15 pm

    I think you’d both make great astronauts! What a great day– have a happy 4th of July Miles! (and Eli too!)

    Your friend from AAP,

  2. TriSec / Jul 5 2007 1:45 am

    Well, there you go!

    Now you have to get to Dayton and see the Wright’s hometown…they have a replica of an early flier and their bicycle shop out there.

    You could also stop at College Park, MD on the way back home…that’s the oldest airport in the world, and where the Wrights tested their 1909 Military Flyer….

    An excellent post, as always!

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