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October 22, 2007 / milesandhisfavorites

Big Party on Techno Tower

Guess what.  I met three famous people in one night.  All in The Big Party On Techno Tower!

Why do I call it Techno Tower?  The Techno is short for technology.  There’s a lot of technology in the tower.  Anyway, Techno Tower is really called 7 World Trade Center.  It’s in New York City.  When we got to 7 World Trade Center, I noticed enormous flashing words on the windows.  When we went inside, I experienced all sorts of technology, too.  For example, they have these very cool elevators that I call zero gravity elevators.  That’s because when it’s going up to the floor you choose, you have a feeling in your body that you’re made of nothing but skin and air. 

 When we got up to the 40th floor, I explored the room.  It just turns out that the room we were in was the New York Academy of the Sciences.  They were hosting an awards ceremony for  The Planetary Society.  They were awarding two people special awards for planetary exploration and presentation.  And the two winners were:  Michael C. Malin for the category of advancement of human exploration of Mars and Paula S. Apsell for the Cosmos Award for Outstanding Public Presentation of Science.

Here’s a news flash:  Ms. Apsell is the Senior Executive Producer of the Emmy Award winning series NOVA and NOVA Science Now. 

When we went into the presentation room, we saw lots and lots of seats.  Some rows were reserved, including a four seat row for the two main scientists and masters of ceremony — Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson, head of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History.  Mr. Malin was given his award first.  He also showed us some video clips and photos of Mars.  Mr. Malin’s company, Malin Space Science Systems, has brought Mars closer to earth through orbital images that help us learn more about the red planet.  Mr. Malin’s award was a Mars flag.   

Ms. Apsell was awarded next.  She produces the most popular science show on PBS — NOVA.  Hey, here’s a fast fact, The Planetary Society created the Cosmos Award in 2005 and it just so happens that’s the award Ms. Apsell was given.  Ms. Apsell’s award was a crystal model of Saturn, or it could be Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, or any other ringed object that’s in space.  

Anyway, afterwards Dr. Tyson and Bill Nye gave a very very very long presentation.  I enjoyed it, it was all about the Earth and protecting it.  Dr. Tyson was very interested in finding intelligent life on Mars and discovering if it is composed of DNA like all living things on Earth.  If so, we may be related to Martians! 

Oh, silly me, I forgot to mention something.  Dr. Tyson interviewed me.  It wasn’t exactly an interview, he just asked me a question.  He asked “What grade are you in?” I answered, “Second grade.”  Afterwards, before we had dinner, we met each other.  I said, “You’re the Director of the Hayden Planetarium, that’s impressive.”  He said, “No, I’m the Director of the Universe.”  He also said, “I tease the paleontologists at the Museum because what we study wiped out what they study.”  Finally he told me that if we were ever at the Museum, to check into his office to see if he was there and he would give me a tour of his office.  The most fun part is, we had a picture:


Then, we headed out for dinner.  I mean, we stayed in the lobby, but we had dinner there.  They had all sorts of cheeses and dips and vegetables — yum!  And that’s not even the half of it.  Did I mention the desserts?  They were delicious! Truffles and little cakes with tiny icing flowers. 

And then, everything got even more fun.  I met Bill Nye!  No, I am not kidding!  Just like Dr. Tyson, we took a picture together:

After that, I met somebody named Heidi.  We talked about Uranus and also about a comet that crashed into Jupiter.  We did two little thought experiments.  She uses the Hubble Space Telescope.  For more information, check out Miles’s Science Encyclopedia Part Two: Astronomy. 

I also met Paula Apsell. Remember her?  Anyway, we didn’t have our picture taken together, but she did give me her card and she said if I emailed her, she’d send me some NOVA stuff!

I really really really enjoyed this party.  See you next time! Oh and by the way, grab your parka and scarf, another time warp is waiting for you — The Ice Age!


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  1. Aunt Beth / Oct 22 2007 5:11 am

    Wow Miles those are cool photos, and what a great night you had hanging with all of those science/space rock stars!
    Maybe one day you will be the one getting the flag from another planet (which one would you pick?)
    see you in January, at Gramas, have you heard?! Ask Mom.
    Aunt Beth

  2. Larry Glatt; aka Grandpa / Oct 22 2007 1:42 pm

    Hi Miles,
    This is a great story. I feel like I was there with you. Your comments on the food made me feel hungry. It is great that you have the opportunity to experience all these wonderful things and I am glad I have shared some of them with you such as the beach and the trip we took when you visited us. Mom must have been up late with you to post this
    after she and Daddy came home Sunday night.
    Thank you for posting this for all of us.
    And I hope you had a great time with Grandma this weekend sorry I couldn’t be there.
    Love, Grandpa

  3. Brandon/Daddy / Oct 22 2007 3:47 pm

    Thanks for putting all of this down for everyone to read and enjoy! I think you may be the luckiest boy around!

  4. Rachel / Oct 22 2007 9:20 pm

    Hi Miles. What a fantastic evening you must have had. Wow! You met Bill Nye the Science Guy!? I used to watch him on PBS all the time! I have to say, I think the Hayden Planetarium is one of the coolest places in the world.

    And as a journalist, I have to say that you’ve given an excellent report of your evening! 😉

  5. MondoBubba / Oct 23 2007 1:57 am


    This is without a doubt the coolest blog entry ever! I am so envious that you got to meet the amazing, articulate very smart people. I admire them all very much. I admire you too because you are so into science.

  6. Merry / Oct 23 2007 2:39 am

    Hi Miles. Thank you so much for your commentary. I love hearing about your adventures. I think you should tell Mommy and Daddy that you need to do this more frequently. (I think I am teasing you)

    I look for an update to your blog every day and was patiently waiting for your entry about Bill Nye and the entire evening.


  7. shenanigans / Oct 23 2007 8:27 pm

    Hey Miles,

    It sounds like you had a wonderful evening, and after reading your report, I wish I could have been there too!

    I worked on the cameras that Dr. Malin built, and I thought you might enjoy these links, pictures of my very favorite feature on Mars, the Galle Crater:

  8. crt / Oct 30 2007 9:01 pm

    Wow Miles! I fall behind in my Miles and his Favorites reading and come back to see you’ve been hobnobbing!

    I’m so glad you got to meet Bill Nye and Dr. Tyson– I hope they inspire you to keep studying science.

    I’ll look forward to the Ice Age!
    Your friend from AAP,

  9. Elisa / Jun 28 2008 4:07 am

    Hi Miles! I love the picture of you with Neil Tyson. I remember seeing him on the Colbert Report. Very impressive.

    Can’t wait to see you own inventions some day!


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