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November 13, 2008 / milesandhisfavorites

Camp Out Journal

Hi there.  Miles here.  Several months ago, the family went on a trip to Massachusetts with Aunt Deirdre and Uncle Geoff.  Here’s my journal of it:

Day One: The Trip Begins

Whoo! Quite early in the morning to be waking up, but we have to, it’s the best way to get to Massachusetts before nightfall.  Okay, into the car.  And look! Mom and Dad were telling us about a surprise, but not like this!  A portable DVD player!  They are so great.  And look at all the movies they got us: Alvin & The Chipmunks, The Dark Crystal, Pee Wee’s Playhouse and The Goonies.  Eli and I have decided that we are going to watch Alvin & The Chipmunks first, and boy is it hilarious.

Now we’re at our detour destination: Boston, Massachusetts.  We’re here for a very important reason.  My friend, Paula S. Apsell, invited us to where she works, WGBH studios.  Okay, we’re here, let’s go into the main waiting room.  Okay, revolving door!  Several minutes later, we’re on our way through our tour.  The pictures below will show what we’ve seen:


Large Picture of Studio Lights

Large Picture of Studio Lights




Studio G, where Fetch With Ruff Ruffman is filmed!

Studio G, where Fetch With Ruff Ruffman is filmed!


WGBH Master Control

WGBH Master Control

After the tour, we’re taken upstairs — what a view — to the NOVA offices by Kate Becker.  Paula and I met and we had this picture taken together:Me and Paula Apsell

Me and Paula Apsell

Paula and Kate gave me some really cool gifts, including DVDs of select NOVA episodes!  They got gifts in return, of course.  Several days before, we had put together gift bags of some of Bethlehem’s fine products, including cookie cutters, paper stars and huge boxes of Mike & Ike’s.  It turned out to be a pretty big coincidence that Paula Apsell’s favorite candies were Mike & Ike’s!  

And so after hanging out, we went to lunch at MIT.  Here’s a picture of the building, designed by Frank Gehry:


The Stata Center at MIT

The Stata Center at MIT




















We met up with our friends Jen and Rosie. Turns out Rosie is only four. We gave them a gift pack, too.  We went into MIT and found some really cool rooms.  The cafeteria was cool, too.  A police car was in the cafeteria!  

After a great lunch, we went to a place called Toscanini’s for ice cream.  Here’s a picture of me, Dad and Eli there:




Then we went to the park, it had a really awesome mist fountain. There was plenty of room to run around and play. Rosie and I even walked through the mist fountain. After an array of goodbyes, we spent another two hours on the road. Finally we arrived at Maurice’s Campground  in Wellfleet on Cape Cod.  Aunt Deirdre and Uncle Geoff were already there.  

We staked our tent and had dinner.  Then it was time to arrange our sleeping bags, have some Harry Potter reading time and go to bed!



Day Two: Watching Some Whales

Morning! Time for some cereal.  I need my energy, because today is the grand whale watch!  A three-hour ride of nothing but flukes, dorsal fins and blow holes!  And water, I guess.  But first, it’s time to go to the flea market where we will buy almost nothing, I predict. Hey, ask Houdini, but I’m no mind-reader!

And, the family does buy something — two pairs of clip on sunglasses: B-O-R-I-N-G.

But hey, pretty soon we’re going to be going to Provincetown! Okay, we’re there.  And this place is shop and eat-o-rama!  Lunch at a Portuguese bakery? Check.  Lunch at McDonald’s? Negative!  But who cares about where we eat?  Pretty soon, we’re at the docks:


The Provincetown Docks, Pier, Port -- whatever!

The Provincetown Docks, Pier, Port -- whatever!




We got on our boat for the service —Dolphin Fleet — our boat was called The Dolphin VII, and was it fancy!  Two levels, must have had a huge engine, the whole nine yards.

We’re out on the boat after about an hour and a half of searching, we finally have success.  And when we do, it comes like we won the lottery.  Look at these pictures:


dDorsal and Fluke

Dorsal and Fluke


We saw 6 humpback whales.  We saw one of them lobtail!  It was an amazing adventure.  I got a souvenir afterward.  It was a model of a gray whale.  I have it in my room.  Tomorrow we go to a wildlife sanctuary  I love this trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DAY THREE: A Nature Hike

Today we are going to the Audubon Society, which is a wildlife sanctuary.  Our first step of the hike is to go by a pond which is very wet and marshy, what would you expect from a pond?  Anyway, we walk into some forest area which then deposits us onto the bay shore.  We can see some islands in the distance.  At high tide, the path is completely covered.  Luckily it isn’t that time of day. We see huge groups of crabs.  They are tiny, here are some pictures:


Crabs Close Up

Crabs Close Up


A Colony of Crabs

A Colony of Crabs

After the crab encounter, we go back into denser forest, then walked by a beautiful grassland setting. The Massachusetts Audubon Society Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary is amazing!  

After we left the wildlife sanctuary, we had a picnic dinner on the beach.  

The Very Beautiful Sunset

The Very Beautiful Sunset

Tomorrow we leave.  We had a very fun trip in Massachusetts.  I especially enjoyed the great outdoors and the fun of exploring on the trail across from our camp site.

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  1. crt / Nov 13 2008 11:55 pm

    Wow Miles, what a great trip! And that was one heck of a cool journal. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed it.

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