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November 15, 2008 / milesandhisfavorites

Safari with Miles 1:To Bee or not to Bee


Hi!  Miles here, with a new series of entries!  We’re going around the world in search of cool and wild animals.  First, we will explore the world of bees and wasps.  Bees are insects, so they have wings as usual.  They are creative animals that build advanced homes.  There are many mysteries behind bees and wasps.  But we know one thing for certain-they’re really wild animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Honeybees are common in North America and Europe.  They are the most advanced bees of all.  They are the only bees that sting.  Here is some wild FAQ:


Q:Why do bees die when they sting?

A:Easy.  Some important internal organs are attached to the stinger.  Sting and rip!

Q:What are drones?

A:Kings, sort of.  Their job is to eat, rest, and relax.  Sounds easy!  Yup!

Q:What are worker bees?

A:Workers, of course!  They pollinate flowers to get pollen and nectar to make honey.




There you have it-honeybees!  On to wasps and hornets.  There are over 20 kinds of hornets-or genus vespa.  They have the worst stings-though Grace from school describes an insect called the wheeler bug.  Go figure!  Most hornets live in south Asia, so lets go!  Ah, there’s a nest!

Hornets-stay back!

Hornets-stay back!

Wasps are deadly as well.  Yellow jackets, too.  these deadly critters are amazing, so let’s explore the awesome world of stinging insects!


Asian Giant Hornet!

Asian Giant Hornet!


Yikes! A Yellow Jacket!

Yikes! A Yellow Jacket!


Paper Wasps-Mucho Magnified

Paper Wasps-Mucho Magnified


It's A Bee's Life!

Bee Boy!

 We’ve had a fun time exploring the world of stinging insects together!  Next time, we dive into the swamps of Florida to catch an alligator and comb the Nile for crocs!



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  1. crt / Nov 24 2008 12:45 pm

    OK, that picture of the giant Asian hornet FREAKED ME OUT!!! I hope I never meet one of those in a dark alley!

    I’m gonna go calm down now…
    tee hee
    your friend,

  2. New Zealander / May 1 2010 12:06 am

    I like your work mate, well done.

  3. Maverick / Jun 21 2011 12:27 am

    I have a giant hornets nest at my house me dad going to kill them tonight! {:

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