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November 23, 2008 / milesandhisfavorites

Safari with Miles 3:Rat-a-Bat-Bat


Mwahahahaha!  Scared yet?  You should be, because today we’re flying into the world of bats.   Ever wanted to know:


  • What is a bat, anyhow?
  • Is there any truth behind the myths and movies?
  • And just what is that pair of freaky fangs for?

First, we will learn about the bat in general.  We will be focusing on the bat superfamily Rhinolophoidea.  These include hollow-faced and false vampire bats.  Each bat has its own unique look.  For example, flying foxes have turned down eyes with narrow slits.

Golden Eared Fruit Bat

Golden Eared Fruit Bat

 Flying foxes also have a 6-foot wingspan.  Bumblebee bats are the smallest, having the weight equal to a penny!  Now, some people believe myths about baths.  Let’s go see the truth!  First, bats are birds, right?  No!!!!!!!!!  Bats are mammals.  In fact, bats are the only mammals that can fly.  To prove it, bats give birth live, and their pups drink their mom’s milk.  But, except echindas and duck-billed platypuses, no animal lays eggs but reptiles, birds, and most marine life!  Wait, that’s most of the animal kingdom!  But next, we will explore the myth of the vampire!


Vampire bat!!!!!!!!!!

Vampire bat!!!!!!!!!!

Vampire bats suck human blood, right?  No!!!!!!!!!!  They drink cow and horse blood, and throw the garlic out, these bats live only in Latin America!  Next, bats are dirty, right?  No!!!!!!!!!!  They are actually well groomed.  Now, do you look at bats a different way?  Good!  And those fangs?  We need adaptions, so do they.  [See the science encyclopedia’s entry on biology for more on adaptions]  They need them for food!  We need food, to!

Are You A Bat Of Hunger?

 Come To The Bat Buffet!

We have each delicacy craved by bats everywhere!

See our menu:

Fruit Bat Papaya Platter:

Fresh tropical papayas of four kinds!


2 of 2 kinds of blood cube!

Buggy Bites:

Fresh moth wings in inchworm sauce!

So come to the Bat Buffet, where takeout is useless, your food will escape!

No thanks!  I’ll take Chinese takeout instead!  But bats are some of the most important animals we know!  So give a standing ovation to all 1,100 species of bats we know about!  Next time, we will look at the wild side of man’s best friend.





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  1. crt / Nov 24 2008 12:43 pm

    Great entry on bats Miles, I really enjoyed it– for all the information you shared and also for more personal reasons. You see… my mother has given me a nickname: The Old Bat! At first I was NOT pleased about the nickname (I’m NOT old, at least compared to HER!) and I thought maybe she was making fun of my nearsightedness… but then I learned more about bats and I think this is a fine nickname to have! So, thanks for the entry from your friend– crt aka THE OLD BAT!

  2. d norMAN / Nov 16 2009 2:14 pm


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