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February 1, 2009 / milesandhisfavorites

Miles’s Time Adventures 4: Killer Cretaceous Period

Welcome back!  Today, we go back to when dinosaurs ruled the planet.  But we’re going after a killer that was as big as a-human.  Utahraptor!  The largest dromeasaurid.  That’s a kind of raptor.




No, not that kind of raptor, although dinosaurs were around when birds first evolved.  Let’s gggggggggggoooooooooooo!  Ah, the Cretaceous.  Home of-GIANT STAMPEDING ZUNICERATOPS!  Ahhhhhh!  I could get gored!




These are not meat-eaters, but watch out for those horns.  These are ceratopsians,  a.k.a dinosaurs like Triceratops.  But luckily, those Velociraptor over there hunt dinos like these.  Wait-VELOCIRAPTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, no!

Oh, no!

These monsters were shown in the Jurassic Park movies.  In the movies, Velociraptors were portrayed as intelligent dinosaurs.  But back to our point.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Whew!  Safe!  But other carnivores, like, heh, Tyrannosaurus Rex, eat raptors and other dinosaurs.  And also, let’s see the relative of old T-Rex.  Remember when we went back to Texas?  Well, one of these creatures we met was the Rex’s ancestor.  Albertosaurus!  But-yipes!  T-Rex!




RRRUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!  This isn’t dino king, though.  That goes to Spinosaurus.[Watch Jurassic Park III, it’s there]  Let’s go!




Whew!  Sorry if this is to far down, but I managed to outrun T-Rex.  You see, my advantage was T-Rex was so top-heavy, just one trip could kill it.  But, look!  The Utahraptor!  




Cool!  Next time, we go back to when the killers were today’s filter-feeders.  And we see some odd wonders as well, from weird rhinos, to hyena-like super killers.


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  1. milesandhisfavorites / Mar 8 2009 12:27 pm

    Sorry if I focused to much on other ancient animals like Brontoscorpio or Mesothelae!

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