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March 2, 2009 / milesandhisfavorites

Miles’s Time Adventures 5: Eocene Animals

Hey, there!  Welcome back to Miles’s Time Adventures.  This time, we witness a spectacular sight-Brontotheres!  These giants lived during the late Eocene.  Here, whales rule-the same whales we met earlier.  Now, to go back in tiiiiimmmmmmmmeeeeeee!  Welcome to the Sahara Desert.  Yes, the Sahara Desert.


Not much of a desert, eh?

Not much of a desert, eh?

 Yikes!  Andrewsarchus!  




Oddly, this artiodactyl, or even-toed, ungulate is not in any relation with hyenas.  They’re actually distant relatives of horses.  You see, Andrewsarchus has, not paws, but hooves.  Oh!  Over there!  Remember Moertherium?  He’s back!


Hey, look!  A baby!

Hey, look! A baby!

Amazingly, these creatures are relatives of elephants!  And look!  Some Brontothere!




I’m sorry to end this series, but next time, prepare to be the detective as you match wits with Pro. Lodger to solve exciting mysteries and uncover phony items!


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