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March 2, 2009 / milesandhisfavorites

The Case of the Startled Pigs

Pro. Lodger was called to a meeting of the Livestock Club, a group of farmers who talked once a week about farm animals.  He was called to oversee the entering of a new member named John Hartman.  John was a rumored liar and often entered clubs and groups to gain trust so he could then cheat people out of bets.  He answered the normal interview questions, then he told of his travels around the country.  “Once”, he said, “a helicopter I was traveling in flew over a pig farm.  All the pigs looked up and ran in all directions, startled by the helicopter noise.”  “Nice try”, Lodger said,”but you lied AGAIN.


What was Hartman’s slip?



Answer: Pigs can’t look up!


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