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March 2, 2009 / milesandhisfavorites

The Case of the Stonewall Sword

Pro. Lodger was just walking out of his classroom at Harvard when his phone rang.  “I believe I struck it rich this time” said Barty Jackson, a deadbeat who had more get-rich schemes then a Thanksgiving feast had cranberry sauce.”I found a sword belonging to the famed General Stonewall Jackson from the Civil War.  It has something etched on it.  It says: To Stonewall Jackson, for bravery at the Battle of Bull Run.  “No doubt, said Lodger, that you are lying again.”


What was Barty’s slip?



Answer: If the sword was real, the etching would have said The Battle of Manassas, the South’s name for the battle.  Jackson was a Confederate, remember?


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