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April 9, 2009 / milesandhisfavorites

Halloween Tips: Creep-In-A-Box

This trick is a rather difficult one.  Here goes:

  1. Build a cardboard seesaw.
  2. Attach a fake skull to it.
  3. Bury one end in the dirt.
  4. On the night of all nights, get a guest to pull the lever end that is not in the dirt.  Be sure to fasten the seesaw in the ground so it does not pop out and ruin the scares!

Note: if the skull flies off and hits him/her in the head, read our user service policy:



Miles And His Favorites is not responsible for any injuries caused in the usage of our instructional entries.  All lawsuits shall be denied.  

So that’s what not to do in case of experimental problems.  See ya!


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