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April 9, 2009 / milesandhisfavorites

Halloween Tips: What’s That You Stepped On?!

So it’s not even close to Halloween.  If you have tough ideas, then you probably need time to work on ways to make them real.  Here’s an original trick courtesy of MAHF.;

  1. Make fog chiller.  I’d follow instructions by Dr. Kreepy, on Youtube.
  2. Place a fake spider or scorpion in the room where the fog will be.  make sure that the arachnid is hidden under the fog.
  3. Wait for someone to step on it.  Ensure that the fake item is hard and cannot be broken easily.
  4. Prepare for screams!

Great Halloween trick, huh?  Note: this gag only works at parties.  NEVER play it outside.  But the trick is good, huh?

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