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May 2, 2009 / milesandhisfavorites

UFO Investigators Promo

Now, before we do Red Carpet, we’re gonna do something we’ve done once before-investigate UFOs.  Here is the episode guide:

  1. Just Over The Hill: We investigate the famous Hill abduction, and explore one anti-credible fact.
  2. Invasion Of Illinois: Has Tinely Park had a mass sighting?  Is our best photo just more Gossamer Albatrosses?
  3. Not The Film: Alien humanoids or government agents?  What are Men In Black?
  4. Triangle Alley: Black triangles are amazingly common now.  We see some famous sightings of them.
  5. Ring, Ring: Have the Nazis anything to do with UFOs?  Did they create a flying war machine shaped like a bell?
  6. Paint Me A Sighting: UFOs go way back.  The proof is in the paintings.

So be sure to see this new entry chain!


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