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May 3, 2009 / milesandhisfavorites

UFO Investigators: Just Over The Hill

Hey there!  To start our UFO hunt, we’ll explore one of the world’s most famous alien abductions.  The Hill case!  


Two so-called abductees!

Two so-called abductees!

 The Hills were driving their car back home from Canada, when they saw a light in the sky.  The light followed them all the way to a lake 1 mile south of Indian Head.  There, they claim to have been abducted.  but by what?  The evidence seems to point to Greys.  Greys?  They are just one of many types of aliens.  However, the aliens supposedly had wraparound eyes.  That could mean evil versions of Nordics, or muscular human-like aliens.  The assumption from our lab?  Unknown.  Hypnotists sometimes suggest memories to their clients.  It could be their hypnotist, or a hallucination.  Yet there would be no logical explanation for a hallucination.  This mystery has yet to be solved.  But you.  Comment me in for your assumption.  



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