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February 1, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fusionfall: Infected Zone Survival: Megas’s Last Stand

The Giant Mega!

Ever heard of Cartoon Network Fusionfall?  The MMOG that was released last year?  Well, I’ve got a free version account (which is why I will only have so many of these entries) and will be surviving dangerous infected zones and giving you the stats!  But first, an overview of the game.  There’s a giant goo-covered planet called Planet Fusion, and it’s threatening Earth!  So join all of your favorite Cartoon Network characters like Ben 10, Dexter and the Kids Next Door to fight Fusion monsters and save the planet!

Today we visit Goat’s Junkyard, home of Mega’s Last Stand.  This infected zone (infected zones are contained areas full of dangerous Fusion Matter) is so big, it takes up almost the entire area!  This junk-filled wasteland is full of deadly monsters.  Here are the monster stats:

  • Toxic Spawn: Now, there are three kinds of Fusion Spawns (teardrop shaped monsters about ankle high).  Fusion Spawns, Noxious Spawns, and Toxic Spawns.  Since Toxic Spawns are highly numerous, AND live in a Fusion Matter field, they are normally the most deadly.
  • Motor Raptors: These prehistoric predators, although small by comparison, should not be messed with without a plan.
  • Dread Heads: Cousins of the Candy Cove Tread Heads, Dread Heads live in the northeastern part of the infected zone.

Please note that more monsters are available in the paid version.  And now the survival!

It should be easy to find the area where the Infected Zone is located.  Just go to the Peach Creek Estates and go across the Fusion Matter suspension bridge.  Then just go into the Warp Gate (the only way to enter Infected Zones) and let the adventure begin!  Here are some stats on survival:

  • Okay, since this is a high danger to any player, go in with a plan.  Staying high is a good idea (floating and moving platforms help a lot) to keep away from Fusion Matter.
  • Although staying high can be useful, beware of the large skyscraper next to the Motor Raptor field.  At the top lies the Motor Master, a boss monster (every monster has one).
  • Mega’s Last Stand has various modes of transportation, all of which are useful to avoid Fusion Matter.  Test your aim with a cannon, or climb to the top of a slide and zip back down!
  • You might be wondering why the Zone is called Mega’s Last Stand.  Just look for the giant robot entombed in Fusion Matter, and you’ll see why!
  • As I mentioned before, Toxic Spawns are extremely dangerous.  They are one of several kinds of monsters that attack unprovoked.  Most monsters will only attack if you start to fight them.
  • There’s a fenced-off area near Mega which is full of old TVs.  It’s roomy, and the monsters don’t go near it!

Mega’s Last Stand is full of surprises, so try Fusionfall yourself!


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