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February 2, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

The Fusionfall Gazette: Edition 1!

Welcome to MAHF’s offical Fusionfall newspaper!  We’ve got monster stats, training tips and more here!  So check this out!


Inside the Mega’s Last Stand infected zone, nothing is what it seems.  A tall and strong skyscraper is the lair of the giant Motor Master creature.  Easy-to-beat Noxious Spawns are actually deadly Toxic Spawns.  But to get atop a fusion matter-entombed giant robot, training is a good idea.  All you do is go to Sector V (a peaceful place with weak monsters) and climb the KND Treehouse.  There’s a moat of Fusion Matter at the base, so getting down is just as hard as the real thing!


These vacuum cleaner-like monsters patrol Pokey Oaks South.  You’ll have no problem stopping the normal kind, which are are only about waist high, but the boss monster, the Big Bad Burro, is as high as the average adult person!  Still, they’re not tough to beat.Monsters Take Many Forms


Even during wartime, you should stop breathing putrid Fusion Matter and start breathing fresh air.  Normally, the place to go would be Camp Kidney, Mount Blackhead or the Twisted Forest.  But those places are only available in teh paid-for version.  Still, you kind find nature across the free version world.  Today we cover Candy Cove.  Here is a world not too far from the Cul-De-Sac Fortress, and yet is rich in nature.  In a giant crater-like formation lies the Candy Pirate Camp.  These followers of Stickybeard The Pirate (watch Codename: Kids Next Door for more info) live in a small camp with only a Simian Station as a transport.  And the campground isn’t the only sight to see.  Outside the emergency watchtower lie Candy Bandits, humanoid beasts made of candy.  Go into town, which is guarded by Tread Heads.  But don’t worry about the herd monsters.  Tank Terrors do just fine!  Thats all for now!


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