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February 9, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fusionfall: Infected Zone Survival: Mandark’s House

Hello again, Fusionfall fans!  I apologize for the last  episode.  I was having trouble getting on Fusionfall, so I recalled from memory.  Today’s infected zone is too small to show my survival, so here it is. If you like mountain climbing, you’ll love this!  Mandark’s house is the Fusion Matter-infected lair of Dexter’s rival, Mandark.  There’s only one monster that’s actually INSIDE the infected zone, so here are the monsters for the whole area, Genius Grove.

  • Air Drone: Watch out for this giant techno-wasp!  Made from Dexlabs junk, it’ll hover just about anywhere in town.
  • Tech Drone: If ants could kill…well, you get the idea.  I’ve seen these robots all the way at the edge of town, so be careful.
  • Tech Queen: This giant robot spider will jump on you until you’re fresh out of health.  Seriously, it can get out of hand sometimes, especially when you’re chasing the Tech Queen Widow.

There’s a Simian Station in the town square, so getting there after registering is easy.  Here are some survival tips:

  • Some missions require you to scale the steep towers of the building.  Just grab a floating platform and go!
  • And to get up there quicker, just remember there’s a moat of liquid Fusion Matter beneath you!
  • Some monsters live downtown, where the Tech Queens lurk.
  • No worries about going from tower to tower-a system of zip lines takes care of that for you!
  • If you’re going on ground outside the infected zone, there’s lots of Fusion Matter waiting!

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