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February 11, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

12 Olympian Organization

The 12 Olympian Organization is a Fusionfall society(no forums or buddy or group things)with a Greek Mythology theme.  There will be some major gods to work on the very roots of the Organization, as well as our army of godlings.  For each major god, there is a Divine Task.  I myself shall be Zeus, the founder of the society.

  • Zeus-Command godling army
  • Posideon-Explore new places to find likely domains
  • Hades-Monster patrol
  • Hephaestus-Weapons
  • Aphrodite-Anti-Fusion Matter clothing

Now that we have the divine tasks taken care of, let us cover the God Domains.  The God Domains are meeting places and battle facilities.  They are:

  • Mount Olympus-The home of the gods, aka the KND Treehouse
  • Underworld-The realm of the dead aka Mega’s Last Stand infected zone
  • Temple Of Hephaestus-The domain of the forge god, located in the Underworld
  • Temple Of Aphrodite-The lovely Pokey Oaks Border provides a small but gorgeous domain
  • Godling Camp-A training camp for the godling army, which you can find in Candy Cove
  • Battle Barracks-In a battle, Delightful Developments infected zone is where the retreat goes

Now we discuss Underworld features.  If there is some KND emergency, or Mount Olympus gets overcrowded, we will meet and make decisons on Megas, the giant robot.  Megas is located in Tartarus, the Fusion Matter field with poisonus Toxic Spawns.  On the second skyscraper is the Palace Of Hades.  This place is big and has a great view of Tartarus!  There’s just one little flaw…it’s the lair of the Motor Master.  Luckily there’s an emergency exit slide.  Plus, in the Underworld, there’s the Temple Of Hephaestus, a tech-filled fort where monsters never go!  Now that we have all of this covered, comment me your IGN if you want to join and meet me at Olympus!


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