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February 14, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Into Fusionfall: A Fan Fiction Part 1

I always enjoyed Fusionfall.  I spent an hour after school playing it every day (after homework, of course!), and several hours on weekends.  One Sunday, after lunch, I logged on to the game, and began to play.  Three hours later, my longest time ever, after I was killed by a Petroleum Punk, I suddenly blacked out.

I woke up to a nasal voice saying “Wake up I tell you, wake up!  Computress won’t be happy about this.”  I opened my eyes and saw a person with jet blackhair, pointed black glasses, a huge black and red cape and in fact he looked almost like…”Mandark?”, I said.  This was beyond weird or peculiar.  this was downright insane!  I was looking up at THE Mandark from Dexter’s Labrotory.  And nearby stood a samurai!  Then it hit me-I had somehow gotten into Fusionfall!

After getting over my disbelief, I had to ask.  “What in the name of Solomon Saturday am I doing in Fusionfall?!”  “Well, when you played for three hours straight today, Computress decided you were top player.  So we had you come in here ASAP.  We can’t get you out, but we think some top Dexbots in Genius Grove can, using tech from Dexter’s old lab.  If you can get the tech, I can piece it together and maybe get you back.”, said Mandark.  “Now get going!”  I walked away.  Behind me I saw a line of blue levitating spheres.  They each had a techno-font lower case d on the front.  Circular rays like ripples in a pond emitted from the outside ring.  “Dexlabs Energy Shields”, I muttered under my breath.  “The only thing between me and the Delightful Developments infected zone.”

After a quick walk between the infected zone and a construction site, I jumped over the fence into the mass of framework and excavators.  Suddenly I ducked into a half-finished house.  I looked out the window and saw a monster with a metal cylinder, but it was hard to see because of a four foot thin cannon on it’s back!  It had a small head, but it had teeth as sharp as daggers!  The whole thing was about eight feet long.

Now I remembered what this place was!  It was a Verminator lair!  A place where Verminators group up!  This wasn’t good.  If I went outside, I could get attacked.  If I stayed inside, I would never get back home!  I chose the first option.  I checked to see if any Verminators were around, then ran out.  Suddenly, I felt some sharp pains in my side, then my body became so heavy I couldn’t move.  “No…”, I croaked.  Then everything went black.



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