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February 14, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Into Fusionfall: A Fan Fiction Part 2

Suddenly, I felt my feet hit the ground.  I was alive!  But then I remembered-I was killed by a Verminator!  Then I looked up.  I saw a swirling pattern.  “A Resurrect ‘m,, I thought.  You never really die in Fusionfall.  Once you run out of health, you just go back here, wherever the nearest Resurrect’m is.  It was then that I felt something heavy in my pocket.  I reached inside and drew out a five-foot, two sided blue hammer.  My weapon.  “Okay”, I said to myself.  “Let’s do this”.

I ran to the main street and tested my hammer.  It worked.  “One,” I said.  Suddenly, a bobblehead figure shaped like Ed from Ed, Edd And Eddy appeared beside me.  My Number One nano, miniature versions of Cartoon Network characters, was floating just above my left shoulder.  This was so cool.

I found an old, rickety suspension bridge made of wood.  After running across it, I found myself in Peach Creek Commons.  I saw a small baseball stadium the size of a bus.  Inside were Dire Hydras.  They were red and white, with floating circular bodies.  Lining those bodies were fire hoses as long as I was!

One of them was bigger than the rest.  The Alpha Hydra.  I took down a regular Dire Hydra pretty easily, just for practice.  Suddenly, I heard Mandark’s voice in my ear: “Can you hear me?  Can you?  Okay, you can.  Listen, I planted a transmitter on you when you were unconscious.  That way, I can talk to you over great distances.  Anyway, my scanners tell me you have travelled to Peach Creek Commons.  That’s good.  There’s a junkyard next to the Cul-De-Sac Fortress.  In it are Painsaws.”  I had encountered Painsaws before in the junkyard, as well as a park.  They attack unprovoked, and have four chainsaw arms.

I found my way to the junkyard entrance.  “Okay”, said Mandark.  “Some of this junk is old Dexlabs scrap metal.  The Dexbots in Genius Grove have contacted me, and told me that they could use some of the tech to get you back home.  The only problem is that the Bossblade Painsaw, the boss Painsaw, has hoarded all of it.  If you can defeat the Bossblade, we’ll be one step closer to sending you out of here.”  So I crept into the junkyard, hiding under some scaffholding, and watching out for hidden Fusion Matter on the junk piles.  Then I saw it.  The mother of all monsters, 20 feet long and 8 feet high.  It frightened me to see the Bossblade Painsaw, but I advanced and struck.

Suddenly, it hit with a really powerful melee attack, swinging its front arms to force me back a few feet, but I fought hard enough.  It kept this way, I struck, the Bossblade struck, I struck, the Bossblade struck.  When I thought I had the upper hand, the Bossblade hit me so hard I barely had any health left.  Then I stepped onto a patch of Fusion Matter.  “Oh, great,” I thought.  The world faded black again.

I woke up with a start.  Then I screamed.  The purple horned thing in front of me screamed.  “Eduardo!” I said.  “Oh great,” I heard Mandark say.  I could just picture the smirk on his face.  “The great hero has been defeated-again.  You’re lucky we had an Urban Ranger Elite team in the area.  Otherwise, who knows how long you would have been there, surrounded by Painsaws like buzzards to a carcass.”  I sneered.  “Well, I thought it would be as easy as it is online” I said.  “This isn’t a game now,” said Mandark.  “So everything’s going to be harder.  The monsters aren’t digital like they are back home.  They’re real, living things.”  I ran off to the cardboard wall of the Cul-De-Sac Fortress and climbed out.  I ran along a steep hill to a trailer park called the Park’n’Flush.  As I crossed a tiny wooden bridge to the mass of mobile homes, I felt a sharp pain in my back.  I ran back across the bridge, but a group of humanoid monsters that appeared to be made of newspaper cornered me at the entrance.  I looked back.  More of them at the bridge exit.  I was trapped.



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