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February 14, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Into Fusionfall: A Fan Fiction Part 3

I was cornered and under attack.  I quickly recognized these monsters.  Newsprint Ninjas.  Giant ninjas made of newspaper.  This wasn’t good.  They lurked in the Park’n’Flush and the immediate surrounding area.  They wore a giant shuriken on their back that they used for a weapon.

“Let me guess.” said Mandark.  “You wandered into the Park’n’Flush.  Let me get a visual, and yes, I was right.  You really should be more careful.  No worries.  I’m sending in backup.”  A second later, five Urban Rangers dashed across the bridge and covered me.  After about a minute, the problem was taken care of.  The Rangers guarded me while my health automatically refilled.  After that, I bolted out of the trailer park and into the Cul-De-Sac Fortress.  I found something that looked like a green VW Bus with rocket boosters.  A S.C.A.M.P.E.R, or a mode of transport.  I asked to go to Sector V, home of the KND Treehouse.  After paying the fare, I found myself floating in total blackness for a few moments.  Then I was in Hero Square, Sector V.

Next to me stood a cluster of holographic animations featuring Cartoon Network characters.  I noticed a robotic woman.  It was Computress, a mobile unit of Dexter’s original Computer.

I walked up to her and said “Just because I was playing for three hours straight does not make me the chosen one or whatever!  I’m only 10!”  If you do not wish to stay, get Dexter’s technology and report to the Genius Grove Dexbots.  However, if we need you, we do have the power to bring you back.” said Computress.  I walked off, satisfied.  After a bit of walking, I stumbled across the KND Treehouse.  I crossed the Fusion Matter pit and chatted with Numbuh 2 of the KND, or Kids Next Door.  Suddenly he said something that got me very, very interested.  I went into the Time Lab, then exited out through the Peach Creek Estates.  If I could die by a Petroleum Punk, maybe I could head home once and for all.

Unfortunately, when I tried to do that, I just died and went back to the Resurrect’m.  Annoyed, I talked to Mandark.  “Is there an alternate way I can get home?”, I said.  “No, but the Urban Rangers Elite team managed to stop the Bossblade Painsaw back in the junkyard.  They recovered the Dexlabs scrap metal.  Even I’m not sure if Dexter has the means to send you back out of the game.  However, I might be able to piece together enough junk to do the job.  Here’s what you need to do.  Goat’s Junkyard is nearby, and so if you can collect enough supplies, give them to me and I will get you home!

So I ran over to the entrance to Goat’s Junkyard.  “Now listen”, said Mandark via transmitter.  “I need some data from the Nano Station.  I’d get it myself, but I’m on mission duty.  Then, just get some scrap.  Since my companion, Samurai Jack, used to be stationed here, I have some valuable information.  One time, the giant Don Dread Head broke out.  He took out the Dexbot Warp Gate attendant and shut down the shields.  Then he rampaged down to Genius Grove, shut down the infected zone there, and so on!  It took two weeks and over 400 players to take him back to Goat’s Junkyard, take down the escaped monsters and get the shields back online!  No worries, everything is okay now, but he stole valuable software!  My Mandroids recovered it after a while, but imagine the losses!  Anyway, just take out the Don Dread Head.  We think he may have used the Dread Heads to engineer new technology based on the software!”  I warped inside fast.  This was my only chance.  I took it.


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