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February 14, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Into Fusionfall: A Fan Fiction THE FINAL CHAPTER

After about five seconds of walking, I looked to my right and saw monsters that looked like robotic dinosaurs!

They were Motor Raptors.  Bad, but not what I was looking for.  I ran over Fusion Matter and jumped a line of crushed cars.  Then I came to an area near some skyscrapers and construction vehicles.  Slowly walking around were giants that were made of tires.  Dread Heads.

Among them was a Dread Head that was 15 feet high.  Just what I was looking for.  The Don Dread Head.  I prepped my hammer.  I struck.  Whack!  I got a blow to my side by a heavy but strong arm.  I kept up my fight, and pretty soon, I looked at a sinking Don Dread Head.  “Good work!  That’s the best I’ve seen from you today!  I managed to locate a good data source.  Ed at  Peach Creek Commons loaned me some from the Great Machine, a giant Nano interface machine.  By the way, do you have 400 Taros?  Ed doesn’t do bargains.” said Mandark.  “Come to me and I’ll get you home!  Just press the button marked M on your transmitter.”  I took the transmitter from my ear and pressed M.  Suddenly, I was pushed forward by an invisible force.  White lines like comets surrounded me and a moment later I was standing before Mandark.  “I’ll take that”, he said and swiped my transmitter.  Suddenly he screamed.  I looked just in time to see him pinned underneath a giant Sewer Stalker, the Sewer Creeper boss monster!

I quickly grabbed the transmitter that Mandark had dropped.  I pressed a button that said Emergency Backup.  A moment later, about a dozen Urban Rangers flashed in front of my eyes.  They each carried a Titan Machine weapon.  I whipped my hammer out and joined in the fight.  Suddenly, just after we freed Mandark, a huge group of players assembled.  One player came forward, and told me that a Level 2 player had spotted lines of Verminators and Petroleum Punks had been spotted headed in our direction, led by the super-powerful Bad Max!

I quickly organized a small group to scout ahead.  They came back saying that there was more than we thought.  The boss monsters, the Highblast Verminator and High Octane Punk were each leading their respective monster.  I ordered the army into the Delightful Developments infected zone.  Mandark and Samurai Jack would stay behind to fight off the front lines.  Once everyone was inside the infected zone, I told everyone to take out their most powerful weapons and get ready.  Several minutes later, we got a transmission from Mandark.  “We can’t get ahold of backup!  The whole Urban Rangers Elite force is in Pokey Oaks working on a Don Doom sighting!  We just spotted a stray Petroleum Punk!  And now we can see the front lines!  Get out here!  Now!

I warped outside and saw a group of oil barrels with legs cornering Samurai Jack and Mandark.  Petroleum Punks.

I told everyone to get out now!  The battle was starting!  Suddenly, I saw something that made my stomach do gymnastics.  Every Sewer Creeper around was mobilized and was moving in our direction!  Soon enough, we would be trapped in a monster sandwich!  So I told any player Level 2 or level 1 to fend off the Sewer Creepers.  Everyone else went with me to stop the main force.  I had Mandark call in Simian Transports for info on enemy lines.  One going to Genius Grove reported that Bad Max was lurking around a lake of Fusion Matter.  The Level 4 players went with me to fight him.  This was it.

Me and the Level 4 players ran through the battlefield and took down dozens of monsters.  The problem was that the monsters were all in one area.  Just like an Ancient Greek phalanx formation, if one went down, another took it’s place.  Finally, after getting past the heat of the battle, we found Bad Max.  We went in full force and managed to come back out.  Although we lost several players, Bad Max was finally down.  But, meanwhile, things were looking even worse.  Somehow, the newly reformed Don Dread Head had escaped again.  After he released all the monsters in Goat’s Junkyard, we had to call in backup.  Luckily, we had a player alert two Plumber guards at the edge of the area, who in turn alerted any active Plumber.  Pretty soon, a small group of Plumbers were helping out.

The battle went on for a long time.  One time Mandark managed to alert Ed, who sent every Urban Ranger Elite into battle.  Pretty soon Numbuh 2, who also had some Urban Rangers working at the KND Treehouse, sent KND operatives, including S.C.A.M.P.E.R drivers.  Every Simian Minion had to hold up flights to channel new fighters.  But at last, the last Verminator sunk into the ground. After that, there was a massive celebration across Peach Creek Estates.  But we had a lot of work to do.  Goat’s Junkyard was so big, it took several hundred players to repair the shields.  And a KND operative got a big surprise when he just stepped into Mandark’s lab.  But in the meantime, Computress wired the junk and software to get me home.  It was kind of sad to go.  I actually had fun.  Still, whenever Fusionfall needs me, I just press M.


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