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February 19, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fusion Police: A Fan Fiction Part 2

After the messenger had told everyone about my drastic plan of action, I told them personally that we only had a small period of time, about 48 hours to be exact, before we were shut down for good.  But I knew who to talk to.  I gathered all of my Taros, or in-game money, and went to Eddy.  He practically drenched the 6000 Taros I offered in drool, then took them gleefully.  In return, he allowed me to access data from the Great Machine, a gigantic Nano Station.  What he didn’t know was that this was all part of my master plan to save the army.

After getting the data, and transferring it onto a small, fingernail sized computer chip, I went back to the barracks.  I then announced this: “I have completed Phase One of Operation S.N.A.G.S, which is major progress!  This tiny computer chip contains the stats on the Urban Rangers Elite’s weaponry!  With this, we control their arsenal!”  After a lot of cheering and rejoicing, I continued my speech: “All we need to do now is hook it up to a computer, and we can strip them of any defense!  The plan is halfway through!”  Then a group of Level 3 players volunteers to participate in Phase Two of Operation S.N.A.G.S, and I easily agreed to that.  If everything went according to plan, we would be back in business.

I spent the night in the barracks, which was my first time doing so.  The half-finished homes were horrible shelters, and even though the Dexlabs Energy Shields kept Fusion Matter in, it didn’t keep the cold out.  I shared a set of Jetray Wings with an injured player.  He was one of the Level 4 players who joined up with me to fight Bad Max during the Battle Of The Peach Creek Estates.  That was a week, ago, and his broken or even smashed bones still hadn’t healed.  I was glad this was the Future, and medical knowledge was better than ever. The cape helped keep both of us warm, and by morning, we were both feeling better.  “Time to activate Phase Two of Operation S.N.A.G.S”, I thought.

As it turned out, immobilizing the weapons data was the easy part.  All I had to do was cancel out any weapons to be used today.  Now came the hard part.  I guess I should tell you the whole story with Operation S.N.A.G.S, so here goes: Operation S.N.A.G.S is an isolation plan mainly used in questioning.  Phase One involves gathering weapons data and shorting out weapons usage for a certain amount of time.  Phase Two involves enclosing the person in question in a dangerous area, which leaves them defenseless against any monsters that come along, but in this case, convincing the Urban Rangers Elite to keep us around.

Should I explain the Urban Rangers as well?  Okay, I will.  Urban Rangers are, well, think Boy Scouts mixed with Girl Scouts, Ed, Edd And Eddy style, and you have Urban Rangers.  As I have said twice before, they guard the Cul-De-Sac Fortress and preform various necessities inside, like selling things and managing businesses.  But a few years back, Eddy, their new leader, decided they should have more opportunities.  And so the Urban Rangers Elite were created.  They could carry weapons and disband any team or group they thought were getting to powerful.  That meant us.

There’s always some terrible twist to a plan that’s going along just dandy, like some long lost enemy from the past shows up for revenge, or something like that.  We were hoping that wouldn’t happen, and had rehearsed several times what to do in case of an emergency.  I had a Level 1 cadet squeal “Help, help, Urban Rangers Elite!  We’re trapped in the Park’N’Flush, and the Newsprint Ninjas have taken out most of us!  Help, help!”  As expected, the Urban Rangers Elite, who were all on guard duty outside, came running fast.  Meanwhile, back at the barracks, I had hooked up the chip to a Mandark Industries laptop, which I had borrowed from Mandark himself, and was now monitoring the whole operation.  “They’re taking the bait”, I muttered under my breath.  Everything was going great.  Now they just summoned their weapons at the Park’N’Flush entrance, but what was this?  No weapons?  So they just used their hands.  A moment later, the Elite squad had lost someone in a fight.

This was going good.  I summoned each and every one of my Nanos, which were Buttercup, Numbuh 2, Eddy And Eduardo, and gave them each a Nano Potion as a victory treat.  The Urban Rangers Elite were trapped, defenseless and without a plan, they were helpless.  “So”, I said over some micro-transmitters I installed beforehand in the trailer park outhouse.  “Whatcha gonna do without weapons?  Fight with your hands?  I don’t think so!  Let me make a deal with you.  You cancel the disbanding of the army, and we let you go.  If you take advantage of us, I do have some weapon-toting guards outside the Park’N’Flush who would be more than happy to blast you.  Well?”  What happened next, no one, not even me expected.


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