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February 19, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fusion Police: A Fan Fiction THE FINAL CHAPTER

Suddenly, the Newsprint Ninjas who roamed the trailer park we had the Urban Rangers Elite trapped in kicked into overdrive.  They suddenly leaped over the moat of Fusion Matter surrounding their domain, and whacked out the guards with a single giant shuriken toss.  This wasn’t supposed to be happening.  I quickly told the Dexbot warp gate attendant to sound the emergency alarm.  Everyone came rushing out a few seconds later.  I sent anyone with a Health-Group Nano power to the scene of the accident.  They sped off to the Park’N’Flush faster than XLR8 in a spilled-over Burger King.  Meanwhile, I tried to locate the source of the problem.  Then it hit me.  “Mandark”, I said through my transmitter.  “How many Fusion Matter disturbances have there been in the last few minutes?”  “Well, there was one in the Park’N’Flush tech outpost.”  Then it hit me like Cannonbolt jumping from the Empire State Building.  “Initiate Operation L.O.F.T, and do it NOW.

What is Operation L.O.F.T, you might be wondering.  It stands for Lift Off From Treehouse.  It involves, well, the name says it all.  After a quick call to Numbuh 2 in Sector V, you could hear the blasts from a mile off, and a moment later, the bursts of paper ripping and Fusion Matter squashing against trailers.  Luckily, the players involved in the rescue had heard the missiles and planes and who knows what else fly, so they ducked into the trailers.  The Urban Rangers Elite were also safe.  They had hidden in the tech outpost.  Unfortunately, Numbuh 2 traced my signal, and before you could say uh-oh, we were standing before the self-proclaimed judge, Eddy.  “I am very disappointed in you.  Not only did you put my soldiers in danger, but you also commenced an uncalled for Operation L.O.F.T, which required construction crews to piece the Treehouse back together.”  I was nervous and angry at the same time.  Luckily, Eddy let us off easy.  The Urban Rangers Elite considered us capable of keeping together, but on one condition.  We had to pay each one 300 Taros.  So we did.

Life has settled back to normal.  I zapped out of the game and now lead a very normal life, even with Fusionfall around to keep me busy.  I sometimes visit the barracks, and now I keep everyone training overtime.  Now I have decided to have a few ex-captains teach other soldiers.  I made sure Nano Control classes, Target Shooting Classes and Monster Classifying Classes took place on time.  But of course, nothing would ever be truly be normal in Fusionfall, especially if you know a nerd in evil genius clothes.


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