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February 20, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fusionfall Areas: Candy Cove

Welcome, Fusionfall fans, to this new series of posts about every area in the Future!  Let us begin with Candy Cove!  This is the closest you’ll get to the great outdoors in the Future!  However, despite the adventure, it still has monsters to fight off!  We shall begin at the Simian Station!  The only way to get out of here without facing the monsters in the nearby town is located in the camp for the Candy Pirates.  If you’re looking for that, just go into the crater in the forest.  In the camp there is also a Resurrect’M to revive you after a monster encounter.  This is the safest part of the whole area, since the monsters don’t come near it!

The camp, although completely safe, is located near a large number of Candy Bandits.  The Candy Bandits are pirates that are made of candy, but they aren’t very tasty!

Candy Bandit

These guys are one of the most numerous of the monsters here.  There are at least a dozen outside the watchtowers that protect the camps.  There is also a small system of bridges that lead across valleys near the camp.  However, although Candy Cove is best known for it’s wilderness, there is also a small town nearby.  To get to into the town, just go between the two cliffs, then go down the hill.  I have to warn you, though.  There’s a large type of monster on the hill called a Tread Head.

Tread Head

Don’t think that you can’t get into town without getting into a fight, though.  Tread Heads will generally leave you alone.  There’s another monster that you can’t miss.  That monster is the Tank Terror, a six-legged oil barrel.

Tank Terror

Still, despite the dangerous monsters, Candy Cove is a major social area.  You can also find the famous pirate ship, The Sweet Revenge, infected by Fusion Matter if you go far enough.  However, it’s captain, Stickybeard, has disappeared completely, leaving only his Candy Pirate crew behind.  I recommend Candy Cove to anyone with a love for the great outdoors, or who just like a good adventure.  Join us next time, when we visit a shopping area and an infected training area in Sector V!


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