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February 20, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Hostiles: A Fan Fiction Part 2

I had the players with radar-equipped Nanos constantly track any monsters in the area to keep our guard up.  Once, we nearly were found by a group of Dire Hydras, led by a huge Alpha Hydra, but we ducked into a small gorge and were passed by.  When we finally got to the Park’N’Flush trailer park, I took out a bunch of radio-control mega-scale attachments.  I clamped each one onto a trailer, then led the team into the tech outpost.  To help you imagine it, think of a small bus with a patio cover on one side.  Inside is what you might find in an average school computer lab.  I wired my Mandark Industries transmitter into a computer, and booted it up.  Suddenly, a huge bang nearly toppled the tech outpost on it’s side.

I looked out a window, and there I saw a Newsprint Ninja Boss, a 30 foot warrior made of newspaper and Fusion Matter.  I told anyone with an attack Nano to get outside and distract our unwelcome guest.  Meanwhile, I tapped in to the radio-control devices I planted on the trailers, and a few moments later, I rammed into the monster that came to kill using a small mobile home.  I used the RVs and trailers and mobile homes to crush any stray monster, and burst into the Cul-De-Sac Fortress with an army of battering rams.  Fusion Eddy, who was currently blasting an inferior Painsaw with lightning, turned and gave out a gurgling scream as he was crushed by an oval-shaped trailer.  But then there was returning the Peach Creek Commons back to normal.

I had the guards refrain from preventing entrance into the area, and start cleaning the place up.  Several cardboard turrets had rotted and toppled over during the age of this short-lived dystopia, so I had some players who spent a lot of time in the construction sites around the barracks start lifting.  Meanwhile, the rapid spread of Fusion Matter had created a monster overload.  Luckily, some experienced fighters volunteered for that job.  We really didn’t have any way of extinguishing the excess Fusion Matter, but some people with Airbrush Blasters managed to do it.  It seemed everything was getting back to normal, but I had to do a makeup field trip.


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