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February 28, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Note: Fusionfall Series Set For Summer Release

Hello, readers!  Today, I have a special announcement!  Fusionfall: The Series, my new set of blog posts documenting my adventures inside Fusionfall will be postponed until summer vacation.  They will be replaced for now with a very interesting blog series: The Extensive Findings Of Rockborg Dave.  Rockborg Dave is a very tiny being who is only a half centimeter high!  He is currently exploring the outside world, as he lives in what he believes is a cave system, but is actually my desk at school!  His companions are eager to learn about his findings, so he tries to interpret what he sees as best as he can.  I will show you his letters, but be prepared to laugh!

Note Of Urgency: This series is inspired by Traveling Matt’s Postcards from the Jim Henson show Fraggle Rock.  The Extensive Findings Of Rockborg Dave is not an exact copy of the material in that segment of Fraggle Rock.  All inspiration goes to Jim Henson Studios.  Nice work, guys!

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