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March 5, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

The Extensive Findings Of Rockborg Dave: Headed Home

Dear Friends,

Today, I witnessed a strange creature emerge from it’s cocoon.  I was exploring another cave where giants live, when I came across one and his pet.  I was surprised when I got a good look at the creature.  It was quickly coming out from a cocoon under the guidance of the giant!

The Creature In A Cocoon

It was odd, but when the creature was fully out of the cocoon, it was brown and shiny!  The cocoon must have been some kind of magic cleaning device!  Amazing!


Rockborg Dave

Dear Friends,

Today, I encountered the Land Of The Mountain Zippers.  Mountain Zippers are creatures that travel high over mountains.  They travel using a thick string they seem to grapple onto and zip across.

A Mountain Zipper

What surprises me most, though, is that the giants, like many other creatures, the giants sometimes travel inside it.  I don’t know why giants would want to be subjected to this kind of terror, but it just goes to show you-giants are weird.


Rockborg Dave

Dear Friends,

I am making my way into the Cave Worlds right now, and will most likely arrive within a day or two.  However, I shall take the time to explore the rest of the great blue plains.  Today, I found a place where there is nothing but jungle.  It took intense climbing, and a will to keep going, but I made it.  Although took a lot of effort, it was worth it.

The Jungle World

IDave want to investigate further, but there is still so much to explore!



Dear Friends,

I have discovered that the great blue plains are quite dangerous.  I was walking along today, and suddenly I was nearly crushed!  I rolled out of the way just in time, but I managed to see a giant wearing massive destruction machines!  Do the giants know we exist, and think we are pests?

A Pair Of Destruction Machines

I do not know if the answer is yes or no, but this changes my research on giants!


Rockborg Dave


 (In the cave, during the Rockborg Dave’s Return Festival, Rockborg Dave makes a speech)

“Friends, I come to you with grand news!  In my adventures, I have seen extrordinary creatures, and observed strange but wonderful customs!  Now, I propose we colonize the world outside the cave!  We will build great cities, and explore further, to anywhere we can go!  Now, join with me as we settle inside the Cave Worlds, for now!  I know a place that is untouched by the giants, and will be perfect for a small village!  Join me as we create Jungle City!”



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