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March 7, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Honey, I Shrunk To Rockborg Dave’s Size: Jungle World Colonization

One time, I was visiting the Geology Hall Of Fame.  It wasn’t my idea, but it was my brother’s turn to choose the family vacation.  As it turned out, I had a good time.  But one day at school, when I was sneaking a peak at the rare sapphire geode I bought in the gift shop, when it started to glow.  I mean, glow like a spotlight glow.  Then I noticed my desk slowly began to grow.  So was everything else around me.

Then it hit me like King Kong to the sidewalk-I was shrinking!  In less than a minute, I went from five feet to four feet, and then three feet.  I kept shrinking until the bead bracelet in my desk was as big as a house!  Suddenly, I was yanked inside by a giant lasso!  It was probably made of super-thin thread, but to me, it was as thick as a jump rope!  Then I saw who yanked me into my desk!  It was Rockborg Dave!  He was as big as I was, maybe a bit taller, but it was very much him!

“Hello, newcomer!” he said.  “Welcome to the Wistorian Cave!  You couldn’t have come at a better time!  You created us, so you can help us colonize the world outside of the cave!”  I was awestruck.  Sure, I wrote about Rockborg Dave’s adventures in the world outside of the cave, but ME help HIM?  This was going to be awesome!  “So,” I said while trying to hold back an excited squeal.  “Where do we start?”

He took me on a tour of the cave, which was actually the space between the two mostly neat piles of folders, notebooks and textbooks inside my desk.  At my normal height, the so-called cave would have been about six inches high, but at my current size, they might has well have been the Himalayas.  I saw at least two dozen other creatures, each looking almost exactly like Rockborg Dave.  Each one was about half a centimeter high, had a basic humanoid structure, except for the fact that they had curved tube-like ears and a long tuft of hair on the top of their heads.  They were all different colors.  One was orange but had blue hair, another was the exact opposite.  So these were the Wistorians.

Each one was doing some kind of task.  Four of them were making small gliders out of paper scraps.  Another group was putting water droplets into barrels.  Each drop would have been able to fill a kiddie pool from my point of view.  All of them were working quickly, like they had to stop any moment.  “Everyone is working overtime to prepare for the colonization of the Jungle World.” said Rockborg Dave.  “Unfortunately, the ones who are building the transport gliders have run into a problem.  The gliders can only travel in a straight line.  The Jungle World is higher than the cave level.”  “I have an idea on how to fix that.” I said.  So I took some paper scraps and some tiny bits of tape and made a rectangular glider.  I took a Wistorian who was testing out the various gadgets, and taped the glider between his legs.  “If we could make one of these leg gliders for each Wistorian,” I explained.  “We could flap our legs up and down to move.”  “By jove, boy.” said Rockborg Dave.  “I do believe you’ve got it.”

As it turned out, I was right.  Within the hour, every Wistorian was prepped with both normal gliders and leg gliders.  We had to make several trips back and forth to get supplies, but it was worth it.  I knew that the Jungle World was really just a potted plant, but each leaf seemed like a whole green jungle.  We had to weave through the dense forest, but we settled in a shaded area near the center of the Jungle World.  We put together a few makeshift paper huts from the gliders, and went to bed.  Construction for the permanent colony began in the morning.  We took some tougher scraps that were made out of notebook covers that to me were as big as wood planks and put together basic frames for a U-shaped neighborhood.  The colony had begun.

After the frames were done, we put up the walls and took some broken gliders for matresses.  In all, the houses were pretty impressive.  Then, I suddenly stumbled off of the Jungle World.  I grabbed a glider just in time, so I fell to the floor safetly.  I hit the ground with only a few bruises.  I looked behind me, and got the idea of how big the blue fabric floor of the classroom was at half a centimeter high.  Here’s the idea: imagine yourself at about a hundreth of your own size.  My classroom is about twenty feet long and twenty feet wide.  At my current size, it was as big as the Pampas.  Then I heard a voice as loud as a fighter jet, but was deeper.  I heard a “Darn, I dropped my pencil.” and then a pencil as long as a few Greyhound buses nearly flattened me.

A few moments after the mega-pencil landed a few feet from where I was standing, five fingers the size of evergreen trees reached for me.  I ducked down and rolled away fast.  Suddenly, the lasso soared down from the Jungle World and yanked me back up in a matter of seconds.  “Glad we reached you in time.” said Rockborg Dave.  “Those giants very nearly killed you.  And, by the way, we need your help.  The Council Of Five Leaders has decided that we can and will move beyond the Jungle World.  They require your intelligence to find a way for us to do this.  We can turn you back to your normal size for now, but we would all enjoy it if you could help us establish a new colony beyond the Jungle World.  All you have to do is touch the sapphire geode and say Karmani Establi.”  So I grabbed a glider and soared down to the main cave.  After putting my hand on the geode, which was now the size of a house, and reciting Karmani Establi, I started to grow to a centimeter high, then a few inches, then a foot.  After growing four more feet, I was my normal self.  I went home, since school was letting out by then.  After getting home, I grabbed a cupcake and about 500 Lego pieces and put them all in a bag.  I then went to my computer and blogged about this.  And where is this special story?  It’s right here.  You just finished it.


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