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March 19, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Blackspace: The Sky Creature

Hi.  I’m Drake Gongon, and I’m the best explorer in the city of Driggit.  Well, the only one, actually.  Everyone else is much to preoccupied with monster attacks and famine, neither of which have happened recently.  Then again, there was that Spiked Licrynian stampede last November.  But that was nothing compared to what happened just now.  I remember it quite clearly, as if it was yesterday.  Actually, it was just a few minutes ago.  The villagers outside are still celebrating.  It went something like this…

Driggit is pretty much a massive village surrounded by a 200-foot wall with arrow slits and windows.  Surrounding it is a vast, gray plain with the occasional gnarled Grickian Claw Tree.  And, after a few miles of walking, you can see Spiked Licrynians.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that we were about to get attacked.  You see, every so often, a monster has the nerve to bash down a defense wall or fly above it.  That’s what happened today.  I was out tending the casaba crops (I don’t get it myself), when I heard an extremely loud skreah! then was nearly fried like a Wickstrung Goozle in an oil shack when a pair of 10-foot talons crushed a nearby hut and set it on fire!

I looked up and saw a giant creature the size of a large hut start destroying the village square!  It’s whole body looked like one giant fly’s eye, with black, triangular wings with red spikes lining them.  It’s mouth was the size of a wagon, with curved jaws and sharp teeth as big as wagon spokes.  I heard a fair amount of screaming and yelling, then, “Man the catapults!”  I turned and saw a catapult as big as the creature itself being wheeled into place in front of it.  It was held in place by a thin rope, and was loaded with a huge flaming boulder.  Then, someone brought down a dagger, and I heard a sharp thwock! and saw the boulder fly toward the gruesome mouth.  BLAM!!!!!!!!!!!  I saw the monster explode in a flash of red and black.

And so, my friends, that ends a very short story.  It turns out the creature was called a Fliggian Wockwinger.  They’re actually quite rare, so I doubt we’ll ever see one again.  Next time, I recall the time I encountered the Mudcruzzian Worms.


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