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March 28, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fraggle Rock Treasury: Party Muppets

Yes, I know, no preview for this.  Fraggle Rock Treasury is a MAHF miniseries about one of the most beloved Jim Henson franchises ever.  The series will take you on a  journey throughout the wonderful world of Fraggle Rock, and introduce you to everyone from Cotterpin Doozer to Junior Gorg.  Not only will the series provide a through description of the show, but it will also take you behind the scenes, showing you how to make a cave and how to to operate a Gorg.  So enjoy!

The most influential part of Fraggle Rock has got to be the Fraggles themselves.  Fraggles are one of the three main species of Fraggle Rock (the location), and are by far the most fun.  Fraggles find joy in singing, dancing and things of that nature.  They have a culture like no other, full of festivals and special events.  There are hundreds of Fraggles that live in Fraggle Rock, but the series focuses on five specific Fraggles, shown below.

Gobo Fraggle, The Main Character

Gobo is the main character, and is also the bravest.  His uncle, Travelling Matt, has gone to explore Outer Space (our world), leaving Gobo with the task of collecting postcards from him, as well as exploring.

Wembley Fraggle, The Lovable One

Wembley is an example of a classic Fraggle, fun loving but scared at times.  He and Gobo share a room, which is basically two holes carved into the side of a cave.  Wembley is the kind of character that many people can relate to, thrust into every possible situation.

Red Fraggle, The Sports Star

Red is a lover of all Fraggle sports.  She idolizes Rock Hockey Hannah, who is a star at Rock Hockey.  One of her favorite pastimes, though, is swimming in the Fraggle Pond.  One characteristic of Red is that she thinks Travelling Matt is crazy, and rarely enjoys Gobo reading his postcards.

Mokey Fraggle, The Poet

Mokey is one of the kindest Fraggles around, considering she once objected to eating Doozer constructions, which all Fraggles love.  She absolutely loves to write and draw, and is also a bit shy.  However, once she gets started on something, you can bet she’ll finish it!

Boober Fraggle, The Worrywart

Boober is the exact opposite of the normal, fun-loving Fraggle.  He worries about diseases and disasters.  Boober’s job is doing laundry, which he actually enjoys.  Another hobby of his is cooking, which often doesn’t taste good.  Still, Boober’s a fun Fraggle to know!

Although those five Fraggles appear in almost every episode, dozens more are recurring characters, such as:

  • Storyteller Fraggle
  • World’s Oldest Fraggle
  • Travelling Matt Fraggle
  • Cantus The Minstrel
  • Large Marvin Fraggle
  • Convincing John Fraggle

And more!

Fraggles are a classic example of Muppets, with operations not unlike Miss Piggy.  Fraggles were not only shown in the series Fraggle Rock, but they also made an apperance in A Muppet Family Christmas.  Although Fraggles were the most influential characters in Fraggle Rock, there were countless other species, two of which will be focused on next time!  Good night, world of the Internet!

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