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March 31, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fraggle Rock Treasury: Radishes And Helmets

Last time on Fraggle Rock Treasury, we explored the fascinating culture and personalities of the Fraggles.  This time, we explore the two other main species of Fraggle Rock, the Doozers and the Gorgs.

We’ll start with Doozers.  Doozers stand about knee high to a Fraggle, which means about six inches high.  They have antennae and green skin, which makes them look a bit like humanoid ant, but with two legs and two arms.  They usually remain without clothes, except when working, when they wear helmets and workbelts.  Yes, I said working.  The greatest joy in most Doozers’ lives is building great structures out of Doozer Sticks, which are made of radishes.


The most recurring Doozer is Cotterpin Doozer (in accordance with the construction theme, Doozers have construction-related names).  Cotterpin is a young Doozer, who, in the episode All Work And All Play, flat-out refused to get her helmet and become a worker.  She instead becomes an apprentice to Architect Doozer.  Doozers all reside in the Doozer Dome, a small cave with a commons area, an apartment building and various roads for Doozer vehicles.

Doozers and Fraggles total only two main species in Fraggle Rock, and there are three!  So, let’s learn about Gorgs!  Gorgs are the largest creatures anywhere, as they’re 22 feet high!  There are three Gorgs shown in Fraggle Rock, but the following picture only shows two: Junior Gorg and Pa Gorg.

(left to right) Junior Gorg and Pa Gorg.

There’s another Gorg in the show, known as Ma Gorg.  The Gorgs are the self-proclaimed rulers of the universe (I wouldn’t argue), which explains Pa and Ma Gorg’s royal robes.  There were other Gorgs, none of which are actually shown.  However, you can see another Gorg, the first one, in a painting in the episode Sir Hubris And The Gorgs.  Interestingly enough, Gorgs do not actually reside in Fraggle Rock.  They instead live in an alternate realm, which is connected to Fraggle Rock.  The Gorgs are immortal, as long as they use Gorg Youth And Beauty Cream, which is made out of radishes.  Fraggles and Doozers also use radishes, forming a sort of symbiosis between species.

Gorgs are full-body Muppets, meaning the actors who play them use a combination of a costume and some animatronics to control the facial features.  Another famous full-body Muppet is-that’s right-Big Bird!  Thanks for reading Fraggle Rock Treasury!  Next time, we explore Outer Space, and meet one of my personal favorites-Traveling Matt Fraggle!

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