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April 11, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fraggle Rock Treasury: Outer Space Hijinks

Last time, we explored the lives of the Doozers and the Gorgs.  Today, we take a trip outside Fraggle Rock, to our world, aka Outer Space.

Outer Space is Fraggle speak for our world.  Only one Fraggle has ever offically made it past the first room, and that’s Traveling Matt Fraggle.

Traveling Matt Fraggle

Outer Space has several entrances from Fraggle Rock, but the most used is a tunnel that leads to a crack in the wall that exits out of Doc and Sprocket’s workshop.  Doc is a middle-aged inventor who lives in the cluttered workshop with his dog, Sprocket.  Behind the crack in the wall is an array of hissing and steaming pipes, which Matt thinks are volcanic, or possibly, as he says in the episode Beginnings.  The reason Matt thinks this is because no matter where he goes in Outer Space, nothing makes sense to him.  For example, in the episode Capture The Moon, his postcard says that he found a place where they hatch rainbows.  It was a chicken farm, but it was called Rainbow Farms.

Traveling Matt has visited many famous places in Outer Space, such as the CN Tower and Buckingham Palace.  He has visited schools, playgrounds, farms, airports, oceans, beaches, malls and more.  In all, Traveling Matt’s postcards took up part of nearly each episode in the first three seasons.  The next ones rarely were postcards, mostly being stories told by Matt himself, as of Uncle Matt’s Discovery.

There was a short-lived Fraggle Rock animated series, and there were postcards in that, too.  Without the boundaries of the real world, the producers could have Matt explore anywhere in the world, such as a western town in the episode The Great Radish Roundup. 

All in all, Outer Space can be considered one of the funniest places in the entire televison show, as something hilarious usually happens to Matt at the end of a postcard.  Next time, I explain some of the ideas behind what became Fraggle Rock.

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