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April 24, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fraggle Rock Treasury: The Woozle World

Last time, we explored the world outside Fraggle Rock.  This time, I’ll shine a light on what Fraggle Rock was meant to be.

Before even the original filming began on Fraggle Rock, more ideas than Einstein plus Edison’s brains combined then multiplied by four were created.  The series was supposed to be called The Woozle world, home to the Woozles, which would evolve into the titular characters of the show, the Fraggles.  The Doozers were originally called Wizzles, and were supposed to sometimes be normal Muppets, whereas the Woozles would be full-body Muppets, like the Gorgs.  What would evolve into the Gorgs were called the Giant Wozles, who had personalities that were nearly polar opposites of the ones they would become.  The Trash Heap, the Fraggle’s oracle, was supposed to be male, and give advice in return for tin cans.  The Trash Heap would probably make no more sense than she already does.

Another idea for the series that never evolved into Fraggle Rock was the idea to include a fourth species, known as the Squeegles, that would be tiny in comparison to the Wizzles, as to relate to the Wizzles to the Woozles, and presumably the Woozles to the Giant Wozles.  Traveling Matt’s postcards weren’t an idea from the start, but a brave Woozle would venture into our world and retreive an item for the Woozles to misinterpret, unlike Matt doing so in the series.  There were also supposed to be “scary creatures that live in the woods”, which would equal all the other creatures that inhabit Fraggle Rock.

Well, all information credit for this one goes to Muppet Wiki, and I don’t have much more to tell you, so I’ll just end with a preview.  It’s been four episodes of nonstop Fraggle Rock, so next time we’ll go off with a big one, which will take you on perilous adventures with Gobo, the artistic talents of Mokey, and everything Fraggle Rock hosted by the Fraggles themselves!


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  1. Rock The Boat / Apr 24 2010 1:31 am

    Fraggle Rock kicks arse. If you look at the “Dabs & Myla” post on my blog, in the video I made there is a Fraggle Rock mural, about 5 secs in…

  2. milesandhisfavorites / Apr 24 2010 1:43 am

    Rock The Boat, I really don’t like that you used a bad word, but I agree, it is really awesome.

    • Rock The Boat / Apr 24 2010 10:46 am

      “arse” is not a bad word. It is a colloquial term, derived from “ass” or “donkey”. Generally it is used to liken a person or act to that of said donkey. However, in this form it is in the form of a compliment; intoning the vernacular colloquialism.

  3. milesandhisfavorites / Apr 28 2010 12:35 am

    Oh. Sorry about that.

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