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May 20, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Blackspace: The Garden Of Magic

Good news!  Since I can’t make a Blackspace movie, I’m thinking about making a Blackspace picture guide!  The guide would feature rare and legendary creatures from the Blackspace location known as the Garden Of Magic.  Not only would there be a Spore-created picture of each one, there would also be facts about that creature.  I also have the idea to make Rockborg Days, a picture guide to the Rockborg Dave universe!  I can’t confirm Rockborg Days to even exist yet, but if I do make it, it will include Wistorians (Rockborg Dave’s kind), as well as stranger creatures that also live in the Cave Worlds.  So until Blackspace: The Garden Of Magic is released, keep guessing on what you think lies in store!  Here’s a hint: myth isn’t so far from the truth in Blackspace.


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