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May 29, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Path To Freedom: A Fan Fiction Part One

WAAWWP!  WAAWWP!  The alarm blared in the barracks.  Actually, it was just a group of scouts who were trained in the mysterious art of Candy Pirate Throat Screaming.  Still, it was loud and alerting.  We all ran to the warp gate that led out of the barracks.  Mandark was standing at the entrance.  “There has been an accident in the timestream,” he said.  “In Orchid Bay, a giant structure of ice has appeared.  Our time researchers believe it is from the Land of Ooo, which is located about 15 miles north of the Cartoon Network Universe.  What’s bad about this is that with the ice structure came a villain named Ice King.  He was in the midst of a battle with two characters named Finn, who is a human, and Jake, who is an extremely flexible dog.  They came along, too.  This means that we not only have Planet Fuse to deal with, but an evil dictator as well.”

Well, that didn’t come as a shocker to us, besides the fact that it involved the timestream.  You see, the timestream is made of the very fabric of time itself.  It can be accessed at any point in time, such as the Cartoon Network Universe, where Dexter built a time machine.  However, the timestream not only can help you travel through time, it can also be used as a sort of storage facility.  Some parts are even used as prisons nowadays in the Future.  But that’s another story.  Anyway, we all prepared for Time Machine entering.  After getting our most powerful weapons, armor, and making sure some Level 3 players would stay behind to keep the peace, we set out.  After falling from about one hundred feet above open waters, and having to visit the Ressurect’m twice to revive the players who had splattered on impact, we chartered a group of Mandark Industries Hover-Chariots.  Hover-Chariots look a lot like a steel chariot without the wheels.  They have tiny laser cannons and can hover about ten feet off of the ground.  They’re awesome.  We took them four apiece to a few gigantic ice structures.  One was a giant spire that had a slippery path running up one way, so the entrance was diagonal.  Then, a twenty-foot shard of ice flew from a smaller glacier and just pierced one of the chariots covering our left flank.  We were under attack.

How did I know this?  You get that feeling when another, much larger, shard of ice hit a Hover-Chariot dead-on.  It hit the hovercraft generator, and some of the shrapnel mangled the backup one.  We heard a few pops and wheezes coming from the rest of the vehicle, and then it just fell into the ocean.  Luckily, the players piloting it weren’t even pushing it to the limit of ten feet, so the players used the emergency life preservers to swim to safety.  Unfortunately, they weren’t fast enough.  Teeoo!  Teeoo!  Teeoo!  Teeoo!  A group of smaller ice shards struck the life preservers.  It took all of their force to escape the frozen hooks that were attached to the killer stalactites.  One hook latched onto the ankle of a player.  He tried to dislodge it, but he couldn’t in time.  He sunk below the surface, until all we could see of him was a struggling shadow.  Then, the shadow stopped moving and turned into a flash of blue light.  He was at the nearest Ressurect’m right now, and had to swim out to us.  I knew we weren’t going to hold up after that.  If the ice kept falling, and we kept getting killed and had to swim out, we would never win the battle with the Ice King.  Then again, we hadn’t even entered the fight yet.  What to do, what to do.

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