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May 30, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Path To Freedom: A Fan Fiction Part Two

“Evasive manuvers!” I quickly shouted.  The squadron of Hover-Chariots dispersed just as soon as I finished saying that.  We dodged ice shards and fired back, but only managed to shatter a few, and even then, the even smaller pieces hit the vehicles anyway.  Whole vessels were brought down, and we were running out of time.  If this went on any longer, we would be completely wiped out. 

No way we could quit now, but we had to find a way around the projectiles.  Suddenly I got an idea.  I ordered everyone surviving to equip their hottest weapons.  Most of them armed themselves with something like a Bullhorn Boomstick.  Then, I told them to pass me one end of their launch wires.  I then brought out my specially combined Level 3 Lightning Sword.  I hooked up all of the launch wires into the power coupler, which left me with a pulsing sword connected to a bunch of assorted melee and launching weapons.  Then, I told everyone to fire.  The blast zipped through the wires and mixed with the stored up electricity and exploded from the tip.  BOOM!   No more falling shards.

Now that the first wave of trouble was over, we all expected another.  But nothing happened.  We just hovered and swam to the fortress.  We climbed up the path, which was a bit difficult, considering that the path was made of ice.  We knocked on a door when we reached the top.  A monster that seemed to be made out of snow answered.  He was human for the most part, but he had squirmy tentacles for arms, and a head that looked a lot like a gorilla’s.  He took us in, but he didn’t speak at all.  Instead, he just made wild gestures.  He led us past a bunch of other weird creatures punching each other, like battle training.  Each time one fell apart from the deep dents in their bodies, they quickly reformed, but into a different shape.  Even weirder.  He led us to a room that was as big as a football stadium, and was full of ice cliffs and statues.  A short man with a crown and huge beard was fighting a boy with a weird hat and a golden dog with eyes that looked like glasses.  This was Finn, Jake and the Ice King.

Suddenly, Ice King turned toward me and scowled.  “Who dares enter my domain?!” he shouted.  “You, lowly Octorillow, escort them out of here or face my wrath!”  Then, the snow monster who was apparently Octorillow charged us, tentacles flailing and gorilla jaws snarling and foaming.  I knocked his laptop-sized head from his shoulders easily, but then he simply tumbled and rose up again, this time into a twenty-foot tall humanoid crab with spider legs and fly wings.  “Uh-oh,” I muttered.

We had to make a run for it, but how could we?  He could fly, he was twenty feet tall, he had gnashing mandibles that could pierce a rhino’s armor.  What could we do?  Then, I did the same thing I did with the ice shards, which melted the snow monster as easily as smores in a nuclear explosion.  Then, we ran.  Suddenly, we all felt a rushing sensation and were lifted off of the ground by a strange tangerine-colored arm.  It must have been Jake the dog.  Mandark mentioned he was extremely flexible, but I didn’t take it literally.  “Hang on, guys,” he said in a light but gruff voice.  “We’re busting outta here!”


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