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June 10, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fusionfall Beyond: Evacuation

It all started in Genius Grove.  A regular mission to a location called Vulcan Towers, which was a group of wrecked Slider tracks.  Sliders were free transportation systems you could use back in the Past.  But now all the systems are destroyed.  Anyway, I was going to collect some lightning bolts, which were essential to create the Ultimate Disrupter, a weapon that could, in theory, disrupt Fusion Matter and save the world.  To do that, it was gonna take a lot of power, which could easily be obtained with pure electricity.  Then, looking over a steep foothill, I saw a hulking monster that looked a bit like a brown-and-green tree working on the Ultimate Disrupter.  He was over a hundred feet tall, easy.  That’s when it hit me-this guy was the one thing that was destroying the world-Fuse, ruler of Planet Fusion.

I ducked behind a tree stump and watched in horror as he worked his table-sized fingers through the inner workings of the machine.  Watching closely, I saw that he was connecting the Main Disruption Drive to the Emergency Backup Retractor.  I knew what he was doing.  The Main Disruption Drive was what forced out the Airbrush Fluid (which could drive back Fusion Matter) to stop the infection.  The Emergency Backup Retractor sucked up the Airbrush Fluid in case of an emergency.  Combined, the two could destroy the Ultimate Disrupter due to overload and pressure.  With that destroyed, Fuse could continue his reign of terror.  Then I realized something bad.  Vulcan Towers was right by a massive deposit of Fusion Matter.  I saw Fuse scoop up whole bathtubs of the green ooze and force it into the machine.  If that thing exploded, Fusion Matter would go everywhere, turning Earth into a Fusion Matter wasteland.

“Mandark!  Mandark!” I shouted into my receiver.  “We have a situation!”  Then I heard his nasal voice come from the other end.  “Fuse is gonna use our super weapon against us to take over the world?” he said.  “We already know.  Evacuation procedures have begun.”  That’s when I heard the sound of running footsteps, and I saw support troops running like Null Void away from Vulcan Towers.  I quickly joined them.  I saw KND S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s taking players up to huge spaceships above.  Each one could probably fit a thousand Fuses, and there were dozens of them dotting the sky everywhere.  I climbed aboard.  That’s when I heard the biggest explosion of my life.

The Ultimate Disrupter was finished.  Fusion Matter flew everywhere.  I took one last look at the world.  Fusion Matter had begun to blast out of the ground like small geysers.  One player ran up to the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. and the door shut.  Looking out the window, I saw him scream.  The ground cracked open under him, and the dirt exploded in a massive Fusion Matter geyser.  The S.C.A.M.P.E.R. took off, leaving me to see the horrors below.  Just after we flew into the sky, I noticed something.  Fusions of all the killed players were roaming the landscape.  Other players who couldn’t escape were hit by flying Fusion Matter and were engulfed in the stuff, turning into more Fusions.  We flew through a cloud and when we exited, before me was a spaceship that could fit a million Fuses.

It was absolutely gigantic.  It was larger in the front than the back, and four massive thrusters pushed downward, keeping the craft floating.  We entered a hangar that you could hold the Super Bowl in, and landed.  A Dexbot guide took me to a large control center.  “We have all possible amenities onboard this ship, the FFC Ultimatrix,” he said in a classic robotic voice.  “Earth has been turned into a wasteland, and all possible players have been evacuated from the planet.  For now, we shall travel throughout the universe.  Please understand that we most certainly will encounter many sentient alien species, not all kind.  For that reason, we appoint you Admiral of the FFC fleet.”  Whoa!  Admiral?  As in commander?  This was so awesome!  “As my first act as admiral,” I said.  “I want us to make a direct course for Galvan Prime.  They could help us from there.”  The Dexbot nodded.  We flew into space, and I saw at least five dozen other spaceships following us.  The adventure had just begun.


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