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June 26, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Educational Universe: Trapped With A Tickle

“Woo-hoo!”  I was riding the Bionic Bunny Blaster at Mega Mountain.  Mega Mountain is the Educational Universe’s resident theme park.  All the rides revolve around different in-show franchises, such as Bionic Bunny from Arthur.  In fact, sitting next to me was Arthur Read himself, the noseless aardvark (don’t ask).

Arthur Read

The Bionic Bunny Blaster was a red, white and blue inverted coaster.  I could see riders on the other track, this one black and yellow to represent Bionic Bunny’s long-lost brother, Dark Bunny.  Everyone was screaming as we took loops, corkscrews and any other possible roller coaster track piece.  Anything was possible.  After all, this WAS the Educational Universe.  When we got off the ride, Arthur got a call from his parents on a pay phone.  Turns out he was late for dinner.  I guess even though D.W. has a strict curfew, Arthur isn’t an all-nighter, either.

The next morning, I took the early Dinosaur Train to Sesame Street.  The moment I stepped outside, along with two Leptoceratops and a Rhabdodon, I was attacked by a mass of orange and white.  Well, not ATTACKED, really.  More like pounced on and licked.  “Barkely, boy!” I shouted.  “Glad to see you, too, but can you get off me?”  Luckily, he sat down and waited.  I gave him a treat the size of a chapter book, and walked off.

A few minutes of walking later, I heard a girl in a wheelchair scream “Duck!”  I jumped to one side and saw a plastic truck crash to the cobblestone street.  I looked up and saw some colonial soldiers tossing towels, toys and tap dancing shoes from a rooftop terrace.  “Hey,” I said, realizing something.  “Aren’t you Tar-” I turned around and saw that the wheelchair girl had disappeared.  I kept walking.  Pretty soon, I came across a building that looked like a red and green crayon drawing.  I hesitated, like I thought the place wasn’t real.  Then I heard a loud voice that seemed to come from the sky say “New segment in ten seconds.  Everybody, places.”  It seemed to me like the voice sounded like Waldorf, but that wasn’t possible.  I ran inside the crayon drawing building just as the scenery formed into a brick wall surrounded by a clear purple sky.

When I got inside, Elmo, the classic furry red monster, was standing in front of a gigantic mirror playing a crayon drawing piano inside a crayon drawing room.  Yeah, this was Elmo’s World.  I knew that since they had shows to do, all the PBS Kids characters in the Educational Universe filmed themselves in front of giant magic mirrors that were kind of like big cameras.  He finished the show with a thought from his pet goldfish, Dorothy.  Just then, a blue wind floated around my ankles.  It actually picked me up and then thrust me into Dorothy’s dream.  I didn’t know how this was possible, but it happened anyway.  I soared through a layer of clouds and then hit a small pool of water.  When I came to my senses, everything was blurry.  It seemed like the crayon structures had melted into a bamboo forest.  Then the crayon stuff disappeared, leaving me in a bamboo forest.  I heard rustling from behind me.  I spun around to see a red and white panda advancing on me.

The Panda Creature

I screamed, and it screamed back.  Cliche.  But still, it actually said “Hi, Elmo Panda welcomes you to Tickle Me Land!”  That’s when it hit me.  Actually, a stalk of bamboo fell and literally hit me.  I realized that this was THE Tickle Me Land, the one Dorothy always dreamed about.  It was a second world where everything was red and furry.  Even the pandas.  I had to get out of here.  I jumped as high as I could, but it only looked silly.  Even the Elmo Panda was giggling to himself.  “Okay,” I said, frustrated.  “How do I get back to Elmo’s World?”  The Elmo Panda pointed towards a clearing in the bamboo forest, and I ran there.  “Thanks for the directions!”  I said as I parted ways with the one panda that was red and white.

I kept walking through the small clearing, then back into the bamboo forest.  The forest soon ended, giving way to a vast savannah.  There I saw red, furry aardvarks and elephants.  Small Elmo-Birds fluttered overhead.  A small watering hole housed a flock of Elmo-headed flamingos.  This place was Elmo mania.  Night soon came, and I found myself seeing, of course, red and furry bats.  When daybreak came, I had wandered into a dense rainforest.  Elmo-spiders dotted the landscape.  I saw a giant red shape looming in the undergrowth, but I couldn’t tell what it was.  For a kids show, this place was mighty creepy.

Then I saw a giant red pterosaur cover the sun, and I asked for a ride.  Luckily, it accepted.  Unluckily, it didn’t get it’s license from a professional.  “Aaaaaahhhhh!” I screamed as I plummeted towards an emergent tree below me.  I hit the leaves and stumbled from branch to branch until I hit something red and scaly.  It was a weird Elmo dinosaur.  I screamed again.  It roared and set off in some direction.  While it rampaged through the jungle and tossed me around like a rag doll, I figured that if I could find a goldfish, it could dream me back.  The Elmo dinosaur suddenly flung me off its back and into a nearby river.  When I surfaced, I saw I wasn’t in a river anymore.  I was in a vast ocean.

I saw a school of plane-like Elmo flying fish skimming the surface not five feet in front of me.  When I dove underwater, I saw a pudgy Elmo shark stalking an Elmo blowfish.  It scrammed like Oscar when the blowfish’s spikes burst out of the fish’s skin.  Further down, I could see the faint light of an Elmo angler fish.  But no goldfish.  Suddenly, I saw a sixty-foot long yellow cruise ship float past me.  Just then, a glass fishbowl dropped from one of the decks and splashed down into the water.  Inside was an Elmo pet fish.  “Elmo pet fish,” I said.  “Can you dream me out of Tickle Me Land?  I have to get home.”  He agreed to dream me back as long as I visited sometime.  A familiar blue mist covered me again, and I went hurtling through Tickle Me Land.  I saw a large city full of Elmo replicas, an ancient Greek chariot race with Elmo riders and a huge grassland home to more Elmo dinosaurs.  And as I fell into Elmo’s World, I realized anything COULD happen in the Educational Universe.


Today, I saw a bunch of different Elmo-based creatures.  They were all living creatures, which are known as biotic factors.  Biotic factors are living creatures, while the opposite, which are known as abiotic factors, are not.  Abiotic factors include trees and rocks, and bigger things like the sun and moon.  Other biotic factors include sharks, aardvarks and of course, people!  Thanks for reading!

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