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June 29, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fusionfall Beyond: Raff Of Khan

Aboard the FFC Ultimatrix, I contemplated whether or not to make an emergency refueling stop on Appoplexia.  I decided against it.  Appoplexians are like humanoid tigers-well, actually, they ARE humanoid tigers, but that wasn’t the point.  The point was that if we landed, we would most likely get shredded in the first five seconds outside the ship.  Instead, I decided to use the Dexawhatt Power Source.  The power comes from scrap Dexbots, and it comes in handy in emergencies.  So we activated it, and the fleet slowly made its way out of the orbital area of Appoplexia.

Just after I entered the bridge, I heard a loud noise that sounded like a laser blast in slow motion.  Then a faint green light showed through the sliding glass doors.  I knew what that meant, but I couldn’t believe it.  “Mandark,” I gasped into my transmitter.  “What is the Ultimatrix doing onboard the ship?”  I waited for an answer, but Mandark quickly barged into the bridge and screamed.  “Some sort of alien came from the Ultimatrix!”  Well, I knew what the Ultimatrix was as well as any Cartoon Network fan would.  It was the successor to the Omnitrix, and could not only turn its user into a selection of alien forms, but it could also evolve them into their ultimate forms.  Just after he ran in screaming, a player who was trying to contact Azmuth, the creator of the Ultimatrix, ran towards the door to investigate.  A pink tentacle that looked like, well, brains, smashed the door and yanked the player into the hallway.  A huge monster floated into the bridge, and it wasn’t an Appoplexian.

It was at least thirty feet high, and was wearing a golden cape.  It’s head looked like a robot horse’s, except that the top part was a glass dome.  Inside was a pulsing brain, that occasionally sprouted tentacles and somehow penetrated the dome without breaking it.  The lower part of its body was like a chrome gorilla’s, with six long arms that looked like they should belong to Doctor Octopus.  Its legs were as thick as tree trunks, but were made of bronze.  All in all, it was a pretty ugly alien.  “I am Khan, the most powerful alien in the Ultimatrix.” it said in a voice that was like an elephant’s cry.  “Surrender now and I shall destroy you mercifully.”

I managed to sneakily access files on giant robot aliens.  Andradillos, no.  Techadon, no.  Cerequestrian, that’s the ticket!  Apparently they lived on the planet Electobellum Pi.  I clicked the link to the file on the planet and hit the warp button.  We suddenly were surrounded by pink light and teleported out of the Felinoir system without a hitch.  We were now orbiting a planet that looked like a giant brain, except that it was brown and green and silver.  I then silently landed the ship and teleported everyone except Khan outside.  The surrounding landscape was oddly magnificent, given that the planet was home to brain people.  Canyons and ravines were everywhere, surrounded by pink shrubs.  Far out in the distance I could see a silver city.  “Okay,” I told everyone.  “From what I know about this planet, which isn’t much, there should be a familiar face somewhere around here named Raff.  Find him, and we could find a way to get that Khan guy back in the Ultimatrix.”

So we walked.  And walked.  And walked.  It took a long time to get to the city.  Finally, we entered the gates and looked up.  Above us were skyscrapers twice as large as the Empire State Building.  Each one had spires that looked like brains.  There were flying vehicles that looked like brains.  Everyone around us were humanoid robots with exposed brains underneath glass domes.  Yeah, there were a lot of brains on this planet.

A Humanoid Brain Creature

“Why couldn’t Khan have been one of these guys instead of a Cerequestrian?” I moaned.  After all, Khan was still loose on the FFC Ultimatrix.  It would help if he could do a little less damage.  I tracked Raff to the Cranibellian trading post.  The building looked kind of like the Sydney Opera House.  It was the same size, and same basic shape, but it mainly looked like a-of course-brain.  The guy was wandering around, looking around at electrical cords and plugs.  It seemed kind of lame considering the amazing technology outside, but you have to power flying brains somehow.  “Hey, Raff!” I shouted at him.  “That you?  Do you know anything about Cerequestrians?”  He looked at me with surprise, then spoke in a semi-robotic voice.  “As a matter of fact, Osmosian, I have been conducting research into that particular species.  My close friend, Emperor Milleous, ruler of the Inkursians, keeper of the Conquest Ray, all beings fear…”  I cut in.  “No time,” I said.  “Does it have any weaknesses?”  He told us that Cerequestrians were, in fact, known to have been stopped by large deposits of Taedenite, the hardest thing in the universe.  If we could get ahold of some of it, we could effectively stop Khan.

I teleported us back onboard the ship.  Khan had already trashed the bridge, and was putting everyone else in a panic.  Dozens of players had been killed already, and the infirmary was filled to the brim.  I told everyone to take out their Petrosapien shards.  Petrosapiens were sentient Taedentite golems.  There was just one more thing to do, and it was risky.  I walked down the hall to where Mandark told me the Ultimatrix was stored.  It looked a bit like a green gauntlet.  I had no choice.  I donned it.  I didn’t feel anything as I slipped it onto my wrist.  I just tightened it and then accessed the alien control.  Green holograms of various forms switched and changed as I turned the watch-like symbol.  I chose a Taedentite form, a Petrosapien.  This one was nicknamed Diamondhead.  I slammed my hand down on the hologram and became Diamondhead.


I tested my reflexes and ran off.  Despite being, basically, a talking chunk of rock, I could run pretty fast.  Once I found Khan, he was smashing his way into the infirmary.  I couldn’t risk anyone else getting killed, so I stuck out my hand and it turned into an axe-like natural weapon.  I struck Khan with it, even though he was about four times my size.  He screamed in pain, which sounded kind of like an electronic whinny.  I fired shards of Taedenite from my other hand and Khan slowly started to hunker down until he was level with me.  Finally, I turned my fist into a huge hammer and swung.  I heard a yell that would’ve made a Toku’star faint, and then nothing.  Khan turned into a mist of green light and zapped into the Ultimatrix symbol on my chest.  “UNLOCKED DNA SCANNED” said the pre-recorded voice on the Ultimatrix.  And mission accomplished.  We had stopped the one thing that could wipe out the ship, and I had found myself something new.  The Ultimatrix probably wasn’t coming off anytime soon, but I suppose that was a good thing.


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