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July 1, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Unnatural History: Three Episodes, So Good

Here’s the basic plot and my review of each of the three Unnatural History episodes so far:

  1. Pilot: Henry Griffin has traveled the whole world, but when he gets to high school, he must conquer his toughest challenge yet-the urban jungle.  Throw in a godfather’s murder, an odd key and a dangerous betrayal, Henry and his cousin Jasper discover there really are Alligators in the sewers.  This is a pretty good pilot, with suspense and action.
  2. The Griffin Gang: When Jasper creates a Wild West student exhibit to possibly get into Yale, a lost barrel of silver sounds too good to be true-exactly.  Henry, Jasper and Maggie get betrayed again, but this time the whole school is put in danger.  Of all things, there’s a hint of medical drama in this episode.  The corpse scene is not for the squeamish, but it IS a good episode.
  3. Sleeper In A Box: While in the DOUM Rooms, Jasper finds a meteorite.  But when that meteorite turns out to be a rock-encrusted Sputnik, the trio finds themselves under chase by Russian sleeper agents and a girl who might be hiding more than she knows.  This episode is the best yet, and I hope you get into Unnatural History!  See ya!

The next episode is called The Curse Of The Rolling Stone.  A mysterious red ruby has come to the museum, and it has been owned by such people as Julius Caesar and Marie Antoinette.  Oddly, trouble has been happening all over the place.  Is the stone really up to no good, or is foul play involved?  All new episodes air Sundays at 8:00.  Enjoy!


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    1. Mike Werb / Jul 1 2010 4:20 am

      Miles: your blog just popped up on my google alert. i’m mike werb creator/executive producer of unnatural history and writer of the pilot, the upcoming “curse of the rolling stone” along with several other episodes. i’m so happy you’re enjoying the series so far. here’s an inside tip for the next one: you’ll notice henry weaving a hammock because he’s sick of the kiddie car bed jasper made him sleep in (in the pilot). but in both “griffin gang” and “sleeper in a box” he’s already using a hammock. that’s because we shot “curse” first — but CN decided to air it third.

      anyway, i will show your blog to the three actors: kevin, jordan and italia. thanks for your support!

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