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July 4, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

The Troll Rebellion Trailer

For all you Disney Channel fans, here’s an idea you can’t deny!  Wizards Of Waverly Place covers the climes and times of three teenagers who have a big, magical secret.  In the series, most actual wizards live in a place known only as the Wizard World.  However, it is rarely shown.  Therefore, I shall begin a series of stories regarding the Wizard World, and will describe it in the way that Gregory Maguire describes the Land of Oz.  The first one is going to be called The Troll Rebellion.

Hundreds of years ago, in the Wizard World, there was an uprising.  In the midst of it, a powerful artifact was lost in the Mortal World, the Chimera Riders gained power on the continent of Darnanthus, and war begins.


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