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July 5, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fusionfall Beyond: Four Arms, No Brakes

Just another day on the FFC Ultimatrix. Then again, it’s not often just another day.  For example, there were some highly advanced Tetramand raiders boarding the ship, and they didn’t look friendly.  But if I could match them in power, I could at least distract them.  So I turned on the Ultimatrix, which was now on my wrist, and cycled through the alien holograms until I found a muscular, red creature with four eyes and four arms.  I slammed my hand down on it, dissolving the hologram and turning me into Fourarms, the Ultimatrix DNA sample of a Tetramand.


Quickly, I ran down the hallway and into the training area.  This place was full of lasers, giant robots and obstacles themed for different alien planets, such as Methanos creeping vines, Petropia crystal launchers and Arburia tunnel cave-ins, even though the planet had already been destroyed.  You could never be too careful, though.  A pair of Tetramands blasted their way through a wall and intercepted me.  We began to fight.  Fwish!  A five-pound fist just barely missed my head.  I responded with a volley of swings and strikes, some connecting,  most not.  Smack!  Slam!  Pow!  This was hand-to-hand combat at its finest.  Just then, I slammed the Ultimatrix symbol on my chest.  It wouldn’t evolve me, but it did change my alien form.  Two of my four arms dissolved and melted  back into my body.  My head became pointier, and my mouth disappeared.  My skin turned light green, and turned into what felt like Jell-O.  Finally, a tiny UFO appeared above my head.  “Goop!”  I said with satisfaction.


One of the Tetramands swung a fist at me.  My non-Newtonian body caught the punch and absorbed it.  Then, the raider leaped at me.  As you can imagine, he was already in an awkward position, so I flattened my form and caught him.  I became denser, trapping him within me.  Unfortunately, I had no idea what to do after that.  So I changed forms again.  I shrunk until I was only about two feet tall, was solid once again and had a really big mouth.  I had become a creature nicknamed Upchuck.


Just then, the Tetramand raider finished the transformation process, and I suddenly swelled up like a balloon.  I now looked a bit like a scaly green blowfish.  I spat the guy out, and gagged.  Evidently, Tetramands are not on most buffets.  The raider groaned, then fainted.  The other one looked meaner than ever, and he was pretty mean to begin with.  That meant desperate measures.  The Tetramand was wearing a high-tech power suit, probably scavenged from an earlier battle.  What mattered was that it was high-tech, and I could use that to my advantage.  I changed forms again.  My skin turned green and black, and my two eyes formed into a single, hoop-like circle.  My body enlarged, and my hands looked like that of a Tread Head’s.  I was now an alien called Upgrade.


I shot myself at the Tetramand, specifically the core of his power suit.  I morphed into a stream of green and black data, and entered the suit.  I had now “upgraded” it into a technological wonder-that was under my control.  I told the machine to walk into one of the creeping vine traps, and it did.  The vines shot out at me, but I put out all four of my arms, and I got caught in the plant.  I melted out and morphed back into the regular humanoid Upgrade.  Mission accomplished.  Just then, a larger group of Tetramands fell through the ceiling, swords drawn and snarling.  I changed forms one last time, this time into an alien appropriately named Ditto.


“Oh, yeah,” I said.  “This is gonna be fun.”

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