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July 6, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Path To Freedom: A Fan Fiction Part Three

To make a long story short, Finn and Jake escorted us away from the ice castle.  We met up with our transport, which was Whoosh the Alpha Whale.  He took as far as the Monkey Foothills, where we then rode bareback on a Kumari Serpent to the Forsaken Valley, which was where Mandark’s flagship was.  It was as big as Ice King’s arena, and was armed with dozens of Mandroid soldiers and tanks.  Basically, it was our best bet to win over the Ice King.  “You know,” said Finn.  “The Ice King said something about a big green guy named, what was it?  Ruse? Fuzz?”

Oh, no.  Ice King had made an alliance with Fuse.  At least they knew each other.   “Prep the cannons,” I said.  “Take manual control of the flagship.  Prepare all weapons.  We need to get back to the Ice King’s palace and destroy him.”  I knew this sounded ludicrous, but we had to bring down anyone who knew Fuse, and was on even neutral terms with him.  So we set course for Orchid Bay, where the Ice King would (hopefully or otherwise us) meet his downfall.

At the first shot, I knew this was going to work.  The laser beams were steaming hot.  In other words, the direct enemy of ice.  The palace began to melt and turn into frozen slush.  Unfortunately, the Ice King himself was unharmed.  At the first sign of danger, he had mounted a giant flying ice centipede, taken off and disappeared from sight.  How did we know this?  He blasted the red-hot core of the ship with a volley of ice before he left.  We heard some loud creaking, hissing and a final small explosion before the front of the ship began to dip downwards.  “Abandon ship!” I yelled as we plummeted to our doom.

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