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July 8, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Blog Contest: Outer Research Edition

Hello, readers!  Today, we have a special blog quiz!  It may be tough to find the answers, but I know you can do it!  There is only one rule-to get your answer for each question, you have to do research outside MAHF.  Also, the questions involve factual information from various blog series.  Comment in with your answers, and if you win, comment me your basic personality and I will find an Ultimatrix alien to match it AND that alien will be featured in a Fusionfall Beyond story.  So here are the questions:

  1. From Terrin Owstro And The Meteor Sword: What dinosaur is Erik O’s name based on?  Hint: It’s a therizinosaur.
  2. From Educational Universe: What was that yellow cruise ship from Trapped With A Tickle named?
  3. From Rockborg Dave: What was the blue and white skyscraper from Crazy Customs?
  4. From Blackspace: Are casabas, durians and screw pines real fruits?

Remember-all answers must have been researched from outside MAHF.  You probably won’t find them here anyway.  Good luck, and Kineceleran speed!


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