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July 10, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fusionfall Beyond: De-Master Control Part One

It was time.  We had finally arrived at the planet Galvan Prime, home to the Galvans.  This was one step closer to regaining Earth, which was now a Fusion Matter wasteland.  Unfortunately, we were under attack.  Apparently, some renegade Galvans had located the FFC Ultimatrix, and were hijacking the ship’s controls.  I decided to use the Ultimatrix to stop them.  And I had the perfect plan.  I cycled through the alien holograms until I found Upgrade.  “Get ready, Galvans, because you’re about to mess with-” and then I slammed my hand down on the hologram.  I felt my body rapidly shrink until I was only five inches tall, with huge lime-colored eyes and a tiny mouth.

Grey Matter

“Grey Matter?!” I said.  “Seriously?!”  Grey Matter was the Ultimatrix’s Galvan DNA sample, and a cruel joke for a time like this.  Luckily, I could climb through the ventilation system to the bridge, and that’s just what I did.  When I got there, I found a few dozen Galvans tampering with the controls, all under the command of a ten-inch tall Galvan wearing a red and white coat.  In other words, Albedo, the ex-assistant of Azumth, creator of the Omnitrix, Ultimatrix and many other technological wonders.  For some time, Albedo had wielded the Negative Omnitrix, but became Ben Tennyson’s duplicate because of the default DNA setting.  Apparently, he had regained his original Galvan form, and it was more powerful now.  I had to do something.  Wait, Galvans were extremely intelligent beings, and Grey Matter was not left out.  I crept over to a backup control panel.  Then, I flipped the emergency power recall button.

The main controls, the ones that the renegade Galvans were messing with, crackled with energy and then started to heavily billow black smoke.  The Galvans coughed and choked, and most got knocked out.  However, Albedo remained.  “Well, well, well,” he said.  “If it isn’t Alpha Char, commander of the Fusionfall Army, and military captain of the entire FFC fleet.  That means nothing compared to knowledge, especially mine.”  I rolled my eyes.  The guy had a bigger size-ego ratio than a Helmacron.  I quickly changed forms to overpower him, this time into an orange dog-like creature that couldn’t talk one way or the other.


I roared with satisfaction, and I could swear it sounded like “Wildmutt!”  Albedo only laughed.  “You can’t stop me with that flea-ridden beast of yours,” he said.  “He doesn’t even have eyes!”  Luckily, despite his supreme intelligence in many fields of technological sciences, he wasn’t very good when it came to extrazoology, the study of alien species.  However, I enjoyed researching the strange and exotic creatures of far-off planets.  I knew that Vulpimancers, Wildmutt’s species, had amazing senses of smell, and used what was almost like heat vision to “see” in their home planet’s endless darkness.  In other words, he was a personified set of military goggles with claws and launching quill attacks.  So I did what came naturally to me.  I attacked.

I managed to take Albedo by surprise, which was tough, given that he could reduce a Princeton physics teacher to tears in mere milliseconds.  “What the…?” was all that he managed to say before I pounced on him.  But just before I slammed my paw on his head to finish him off for good, he simply froze.  His eyes glowed purple, and he said dully, “Teewat Legora.”  Suddenly, I felt myself fly backwards, and I noticed some scattering light blue wind flowing out from Albedo.  Suddenly, he snapped back to reality.  “I’ve learned a few tricks since I’ve reverted forms,” he said.  “Now, I can control magic to an extent.  What I just did to you was a whirlwind spell.  Child’s play compared to what I’ve learned from Hex.”  Hold it, Hex?  Chalky skeletal makeup, red robe, that Hex?  I changed forms, and this time into Diamondhead.

I blasted some shards of Taedenite at Albedo, but he cast a spell that sounded like Galeus Disrputus, and a light blue force of wind blocked the projectiles in midair.  I changed forms again, this time into a new guy.


“XLR8!” I said.  This guy had super speed, perfect for dodging a few bursts of flame that Albedo blasted at me.  He kept launching projectiles, until he finally wore out and fainted.  Just then, his body started to glow deep purple, and he disappeared in a flash of blinding pink light.  I was so scared, I changed back and ran to the Research Station, at the west end of the ship.  According to the player in charge of magical research, it was called trance warping.  It occurred when a being capable of magic can teleport to another location while unconscious.  In other words, Albedo could be anywhere by now.  Luckily, we were able to track his location to Asimov City, the capital of Galvan Prime.  Unluckily, we had no idea where he was in the city.  Worse still, I checked the Ultimatrix master control and found that three aliens were missing from the device’s list of possible transformations, none of which I had ever heard of before.  The gauntlet-like machine seemed to be giving off a slight magical aura, which meant that the aliens could be accessed by magical means.  Albedo, of course.  “If he has his hands on even three of the Ultimatrix aliens, there will be trouble,” I said.  “People could die.  And it’s not a game, and it’s not a joke, it’s serious.”


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