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July 10, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Girl War 1

Quincyville was a completely ordinary town.  In fact, there was only one thing that was out of the ordinary-it’s children.  They were all boys.  No girl under eighteen had ever set foot in the town.  And the boys liked it that way.  They had gone so far as to dominate all of Quincyville as their kingdom, known as Maletopia.  It was all ruled by the most popular boy in school, Ricky.  Then, one day, a family moved into a neighborhood on the outskirts of town.  And they were the most unusual family Quincyville had ever seen.

Why were they unusual?  Because that family had three girls.  Girls as in daughters as in a threat to Maletopia.  Their names were Rebecca, Sarah and Alicia.  All three were pretty lonely.  Rebecca, at twelve, was the worst.  Pre-teens normally have a small posse of friends surrounding them at all times.  But since all the people in the school were boys, she couldn’t make any.  Sarah, age ten, wasn’t that bad, but she didn’t like the idea of no girls her age AT ALL.  And Alicia, at nine, didn’t understand what her sisters were going through, and she  might have even made a friend or two at school.  But they were lonely overall.

To give you an idea of what Quincyville was like for the boys, this paragraph contains information about the various things that were part of day-to-day life in Maletopia.  The kingdom was divided into many regions, all of which were commanded by Ricky, who lived in the capital of Maletopia, Babe Ruth City.  The city was the hub of transport, the baseball card trade route, and, of course, government.  All these things mattered to the boys of Maletopia.  Transportation meant bicycles, supply wagons and the all-important spy aircraft.  The baseball card trade route transported baseball cards to various regions of Maletopia.  There were many different systems of government throughout the kingdom, and they all met here to decide things, and to get them approved by Ricky.  All in all, Maletopia was an important place and a roll model for the world’s boys.

But Ricky was distraught by the new arrival of the girls.  He ordered the immediate removal of them, and decided to either have them surrender, or he would declare war.  He gathered a small battalion of water balloon soldiers and met with the girls at the town square fountain.  But Ricky was not sure how this would turn out.  You see, Maletopia was normally a peaceful kingdom, with just some small arguments to count as war.  If the girls refused to surrender and face years of after-school slavery, this could become a full-blown war that might destroy Maletopia and deplete valuable resources.  The girls didn’t seem to get this choice, and, being calm and peaceful, declined the idea of war, but did not like the idea of becoming slaves, either.  Ricky was frustrated now, and just set the water balloon soldiers on the trio of girls.  Colored rubber went everywhere, and by the time the girls had fled, the decision was made-war.


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