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July 11, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Girl War 2

And to war the many boys and three girls would go-it’s just that the girls didn’t know it yet.  This was good for the boys, as it gave them time to prepare.  But small transports would not be enough, nor would small weapons.  The boys already had the numbers-over 1,000 of them-but they needed power, too.  And for power, you need brains.  So Ricky turned to the people that were normally looked down upon by most of Maletopia-the Nerds.

Nerds were also called Geeks and Dorks, and were normally sacrifices to the Wild Bullies of the Park Forests, in return for not destroying the other regions.  While some boys were keeping up a small Nerd Rights Organization, this didn’t stop Ricky from dropping one into the wild forests, to be captured and later swirlied in the Boys Bathroom Spring.  In fact, the only thing keeping Ricky from just crating up the Nerds and shipping them off to the Park Forests was the fact that they were so darn smart.  And that meant they were perfect for developing new technology to be used in the war effort.  So Ricky headed down the block to the one place he would never go under any other circumstances-The Nerdological Institute.

Babe Ruth City was more than the hub of transportation, the baseball card trade route and government.  Nerds from all regions of the kingdom, Ancienians, Wildusians and Halftians alike, gathered to share their vast knowledge.  The Nerdological Institute was the place all Nerds practically worshipped and admired, especially the ones who lived in Babe Ruth City.  Inside the massive building adorned with columns and holographic projectors were countless labs and test areas.  There were places for all fields, even the most outlandish ones.  For example, there were places dedicated to Subzero Weather Experiments, or Atomic Research.  And there were buck-toothed, snorting people wearing lab coats everywhere.  Nerd scientists.  Ricky met with the head of technological development, which was a large part of the Nerdological Institute’s research.  Most of the discussion was taken up by the Head Nerd’s snorting habit.  But Ricky got the point.  The first technological marvel they had planned and were developing was a high-power water cannon.

The water cannon was hand-held, which gave it potential for main batteries.  It was about two feet long, much of which was taken up by a wide barrel that could hold several gallons at most.  There was only one drawback-it had to be connected to a source of water, preferably a portable tank vehicle.  Still, it was a useful tool.  The Head Nerd explained that although it was small, development was slow.  They had two or three prototypes ready for testing, and they planned to have at least ten real models in two weeks, and twenty-five by the end of the month.  Work was slow, but Ricky had other things to attend to.

The region of Ancienia was, in other words, Quincyville’s historic district.  Back in the eighteenth century, the town had been a relay point for spies during the American Revolution.  This made it the perfect spot for the Soldier Training Base.  Several hundred boy soldiers had already been drafted by their own choice.  Ricky was starting to regret that one.  Several hundred boys might be enough, but if they wanted to drive these girls out of town, they needed full forces.  He let it go, but it still lingered in his mind.  The Soldier Training Base taught strategy and proper weapon use, as well as field training.  Around back was a large obstacle course that tested both a rookie’s stamina and smarts.  He inspected the regiments of soon-to-be warriors of Maletopia, and moved on.

Wildusia was a small region for what most knew about the surrounding area.  It was basically a series of small neighborhoods right next to the Park Forests.  The region was constantly threatened by attacks by Wild Bullies and other mysterious creatures.  Not many dared venture into the jungles of the Park Forests, and most didn’t come out.  However, it was the final stop for new soldiers before they were dispatched to Babe Ruth City to either be put on guard duty or spy on girl activity.  The three girls lived right on the outskirts of Babe Ruth City, making them a prime target for the war effort.  However, they didn’t seem to be making any moves against the boys yet, so no threat was predicted anytime soon.  There was only one place that Ricky still had to visit.

Halftia was the region most affected by construction.  This made it the capital of the arts in Maletopia.  Among the large building sites, boys bought and traded paintings and sculptures of famous baseball players and wrestlers, along with sculptures of TV show characters.  Ricky was checking on development of base posters, like propaganda and such.  James Ristia, the head of poster development, showed off the first propaganda poster.  In the middle was the girliest blonde face you had ever seen, with a hairpin and a pink double-ponytail.  Above it, in pink cursive read “Pretty Please?”  At the bottom, in huge red block letters, you could see the word “NO”  Everything was going well, and now the Nerdological Institute was developing scented girl traps, so they were printing posters that reminded soldiers to check them regularly.  Everything was going ahead as planned, and the war was sure to be won by Maletopia.


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