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July 12, 2010 / milesandhisfavorites

Fusionfall Beyond: De-Master Control Part Two

Everyone was in a rush now.  I fast-walked down to the Communications Headquarters, and spoke with the Head of Communications.  “Radio in the rest of the fleet,” I said.  “Tell them to send ground troopers to Asimov City on Galvan Prime.  And while you’re at it, contact the Plumbers.  We’ll meet up with them after we find Albedo, and have them arrest the renegades under the following charges: breaking and entering, destroying private property and attempting to assume control of a certified evac ship.  That should put ’em away for a few years at least.”

In the meantime, I took a squad of Level 4 captains with me below to the Azmuth Tower District, the town square of Asimov City.  I, personally, went alien.

Big Chill

“Big Chill!”  I said.  This guy could fly, become invisible, intangible, freeze anything to below zero.  He was the perfect choice for finding and stopping Albedo.  Suddenly, I saw a small explosion come from a factory far below me.  Tiny gray forms were scampering out, screaming all the way.  Galvan civilians.  I swooped down right over the flames and smoke.  A bright red form blasted out from the mayhem, and I knew he was one of the three unknown aliens that Albedo had stolen from the Ultimatrix.  He was about six feet tall.  His main body looked like a huge ball of fire, with deep red eyes in the center.  He also had eight, black, crab-like legs that he must have used to scurry.  I had to switch forms, but into what?  Just to keep him occupied, I exhaled deeply and a mist of frozen breath caught the fire alien.  Then, I got an idea, and switched forms.

Water Hazard

“Water Hazard!” I said.  This walking crustacean could blast water out of his hands, and it was a good thing, too.  The fire alien started to smoke, and the ice that was temporarily holding him melted away into half-frozen slush.  He shook it off, and he looked madder than ever.  I quickly shot some balls of water at him, which dented his burning form in some places.  He started to give off steam, and he slowly floated towards the ground, then quickly.  When he emerged again from the now charred remains of the factory, he was Albedo again.  Then, he froze in that trance-like state and glowed with deep purple energy.  He suddenly became transparent, and grew into a form that was almost like the Invisible Man, except he was plainly visible.  Most of him was comprised of light gray material, but he was dotted with clear patches of green, blue and orange.  He looked a little like an outline of a humanoid patchwork quilt, and the inside was also visible.  But that’s a terrible description.

Suddenly, he just disappeared.  Then, in his place, three new beings appeared.  They looked exactly like him, except that one was entirely green, one was entirely blue, and one was entirely orange.  He had duplicated himself, but he hadn’t duplicated himself, exactly.  Each one blasted a beam of their respective color at me, and I was suddenly forced to cover my mouth with my hand and activate my water-spraying abilities.  I choked, but the duplicates were keeping me in that position.  I was going to puff up like a Spheroid and burst, but I suddenly noticed a tiny corner of my mouth that was uncovered.  I started to spit out the water that kept coming in.  Eventually, I ran out of water in my shell-like skin, and the stream stopped.  But the duplicates began to blast a second volley of beams, and just when they were about to hit me, the clear creatures flashed red and reunited, reformed into the normal creature, and changed back into Albedo.  “You fool,” he said.  “I can just keep coming with this.  I still have another alien left, you know.  You humans are so simple-minded these days.”  I sneered and changed back into Big Chill.  “Wrong,” I replied.  “Take this!”  Then I swooped towards Albedo, grabbed him, united his forehead with the Ultimatrix symbol on my chest and pressed them together.

Both of us glowed with deep purple energy.  I felt a strange combination of hot and cold streak across my chest, and I looked down to see three green figures, only about an inch high each, leaping across a purple bridge into the Ultimatrix symbol on my chest.  Two of them were the ones Albedo had used earlier.  The last one looked like a dragon, but it’s mouth was sagging and horns protruded from his forehead.  In fact, he looked almost like-nah, couldn’t be.  Either way, I switched forms, this time into the fire alien.  I felt myself grow and change colors quickly.  I hunkered down and caught on fire, then grew black crab legs.  “Inferno!” I screamed.  I focused all of my energy on Albedo, who was now being held by two leaping streaks of flames.  “Ah-ah-ah!  Hot!  Hot!” he screamed, and I let go.  He spiraled down into the wreckage of the factory, where I then shot a volley of massive fireballs, igniting it again.  Just then, a thin stream of pink light blasted into the sky.  It slowly grew dark purple, and even more slowly grew.  I radioed the fleet and had them get me out of there, as well as the Level 4 captains, who had scoured the city before witnessing the fight high above the burning factory.  We exited orbit just as a powerful surge of magical energy covered the planet, then flew back into space.

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